Hello2hosting: Secure, Economical, Robust and Resilient Cloud Services

Vishal Yadav & Geeta Yadav,Co-Founders
Vishal Yadav & Geeta Yadav, Co-Founders

The bond between business and trust is irreplaceable. In the gradually emerging world of business, the technology perhaps has its own role to play. Vishal Yadav’s Hello2hosting aims to play the role by providing Cloud ECS services to organisations thus maintaining the optimum level of security and mutual trust.“Consumer is the most valuable asset that helps grow businesses. Considering that we created a platform that helps customers reach the support system easily either by e-mail, chat or even by phone”,says Vishal.

The Diversity of Services
The idea of Hello2hosting was in progress since 2014 and the beginning of 2017 saw the outcome when Unbox Data Centers launched five websites under their banner namely,,, and unboxdata through which they are efficiently providing hosting services, dedicated hosting, cloud hosting, VPS hosting, business email solutions, Dedicated Servers, rack space, colocations, cloud computing and end-to-end Managed IT services to clients.
The Unbox Data Center is the primary product for the above services gives out a properly architected design with its innovation. It is an emerging star leader of a data center, cloud and end-to-end Managed IT services to clients in e-commerce,retail, information technology, software services, education and finance sector and government bodies. Vishal states, “Unbox Data Centers owns and operates state-of-the-art, carrier natural tier III+ data centers with 99.99 per cent uptime and guaranteed facilities in Noida, Pune, Chennai and Bangalore which are equipped with modern and cutting-edge hardware technologies to deliver robust, resilient and cost-effective industry data centers and ECS cloud solutions.” He adds, “We strive to deliver world-class ECS cloud and Hosting services to help our clients achieve goals with ease. We are not only concerned about hosting site but also focus to make the transformation journey smooth and help clients to simplify their venture in new markets.”

"Hello2hosting has successfully achieved a YOY growth of 300 percent

With the growing problems like data theft and data privacy, choosing the right Cloud service provider is the primary element for the success of any Business. Hello2hosting’s ambition lies in providing an entirely secure format in order to host the well-designed pages on a server. “Customers will get affordable server plans with powerful resources and highest quality possible. We have created a range of Cloud Services by using Linux and Windows-
-based systems”,asserts Vishal. Being an industry expert, he adds, “One of the best thing about Shared Web hosting is that it allows individuals and businesses with limited financial resources to establish an online presence with almost all the bells and whistles associated with a dedicated server.”

Growth & the Road Ahead
Since its inception last year, Hello2hosting has successfully achieved a YOY growth of 300 per cent. When it comes to customer satisfaction,Vishal says,“Since last 1.5 years, there has been no single ticket in our window in terms of escalation. So, there is “ZERO” downtime in all across the Unbox ECS cloud infra. This is how we carried out smallest footprint in Data Center design.

When it comes to the future of Hello2hosting, Vishal concludes,“The mother organisation is the Unbox Data Centers. Unbox Data Centers has a diversified product line. So,we run different product lines under one umbrella. When we designed the products, we researched as to how we are going to penetrate into the market year by year. The first year was intensive testing. How the customer is going to survive, how disaster recovery is going to work, how efficiently the consumer can use our product. 2nd year we started on boarding the customers. The third year we are approaching to double the capacity tier it our ECS cloud to service more customers and from 4th year, we expect to approach the government or semi government for e-tendering services.