Hellotech7: An Independent Game Developer & Publisher

Amit Gulati & Saurabh Soni,Co-Founders

Amit Gulati & Saurabh Soni, Co-Founders

Amit Gulati and Saurabh Soni met through a common acquaintance in the year of 2014, and both being successful entrepreneurs expressed a desire to work together owing to similar interests, however, nothing concrete materialized. “We met again in 2016 and started talking about games and how the game space is changing in India because of smartphones and cheap mobile connectivity. That let to quite a few brainstorming sessions and we eventually decided to venture into gaming.”, says Amit Gulati, Co-Founder, Hellotech7.

Both the entrepreneurs are of the opinion that online gaming in India will grow leaps & bounds in the coming years and there will be a need for quality engaging gaming content. Moreover, just like video content creation has become a viable income-generating option for many, they want to provide amateur and professional gamers with the same opportunity. At Hellotech7 along with their team, they are focused on delivering the best skill-based online RMG (Real Money Games) to the ever-growing game players in India.

Hellotech7 is creating a platform which will allow them to launch games at a much faster pace and at the same time provide engaging and exciting content to Users

Through the high Tides

Although there has been a significant increase in the number of online game players, the supply side in terms of providing quality content is severely lacking. There is still a huge gap between the demand and supply of quality content. Quite a few Indian games have been able to garner a large number of users but the gaming experience is below par or very ordinary. “As game developers since day one, we have been focused on User Experience, which includes the perfection in gameplay, etc. We intend to create the best user experience”, states Saurabh Soni, Co-Founder.

There were quite a few Initial challenges as both of them were new to the gaming industry. They realized that having a team that is as passionate about the product is essential for success. Hellotech7 has been fortunate to attract some really good and passionate people who have been a part of the journey at the company and are helping it fulfill its vision. “We have also realized that it is not very challenging to attract an initial set of users but to sustain the users requires customer-oriented thinking and focus. This is what we have spent a lot of time in over the past few months, in trying to perfect the product”, asserts Amit.

Achievements and Future Plans

Hellotech7 is focused towards creating skill-based online RMGs and are currently putting final touches to their upcoming 8 Ball Pool game. They are in the process of creating a pipeline and platforms which will allow them to launch exciting and engaging games at a much faster pace. The founders say that there are close to 250 million online gamers in India and their 8 Ball Pool game is targeted for the same. Expressing the future ahead for the company, the co-founders conclude, “We are going to be launching our first game in July 2019 which will provide an avenue for players to play and earn. We have a series of gaming titles that we are planning to launch, all with the same concept of skill-based games. We are ramping up our team and continuously recruiting talent so that we can provide the best gaming experience.”