Hidecor: Designing and Consulting Architecture

Sujith Gopalakrishnan, Bhavesh Godhania & Anantha V R,Co-Founders

Team Hidecor

The vision of overhauling and revamping the Indian workspace market, enkindled three alpha geeks Ananth, Sujith and Bhavesh to actuate Hidecor, a one stop shop catering the imperfections pertaining within the ecosystem of office interior design and architecture, composing and building workspace that are cordial and dynamic. The founders intended to help businesses with their transparent operational model and straightening out the matters concerning time and cost. "A detailed study about the industry apprehended us about its chaotic stature. We perceived the presence of multichannel approach to be a major cause behind this disorganization. Hence we decided to decipher this glitch. We involved ourselves with manufactures & contractors, availed state of the art technologies like BIM, VR & Revit to standardize cost and enable our clients move into their dream office in record time" informs Anantha V R, Founder & CEO. Anantha is the face of Hidecor and handles the business aspects, while Bhavesh oversees the architecture and design part and Sujith brings the design come to life.

As a workspace creator, Hidecor fashions structures based on the requisites of the clients. To shape their breath of view, it
endeavours to capture the brand's vision and empathy to design an office space best fitting their requirement and budget. To stay ahead of the curve and keep itself distinct, the company avails architecture workspace strategy, bespoke interior design and creative space building strategy.

Hidecor composes finest designs and builds workspaces that are futuristic, dynamic and efficient

Driven by growth, Hidecor is known for its direct approach infused with strategies that facilitates their clients with newer opportunities, connections and collaborations. It maintains its record of delivering a project in 90 days. To which Anantha adds, "In our experience a"transparent mode of operations" has worked well with our clients . We make sure our designs are modern and flexible. The work place we design should promote employee productivity as much as it should be green and energy efficient."

The Journey
Since its inception, Hidecor has been instrumental in reshaping the unorganized nature of office spaces and various other stumbling blocks with its fresh and distinctive approach. The team's ability to curate such vivid experience for its clients has helped them overcome challenges in creating excellent workspaces at par of industry standards.

Established in 2015, boots trapped, Hidecor has witnessed over 100 per cent growth year on year. Today its team of 20, first rate service, sense of aesthetics and attention to detail has created an impressive and trustworthy stance in the industry. In less than four years, the company has associated its name with some of the top brands like Titan, Decathlon, Bigbasket, Mitra Biotech among others, in the country.

Well established in Bangalore, Hidecor is scaling its reach in Hyderabad and Pune and aims to penetrate the South East Asia Market by 2020.