Highbrow Interactive: Emerging as One of The Best Game Producers in The Simulation Genre

Jeno Manickam,CEOGaining a strong foothold within the Indian entertainment domain, the gaming ecosystem has managed to emerge as a sturdy industry owing to the rising demands amongst the youngsters. Catering eloquently to this domain, Highbrow Interactive is a tech company based in Chennai, India, specializing in Game Design, Development and Production with over 8 years of experience. Equipped with a team of avid developers and designers who strive to implement interactive and immersive experiences, Highbrow is currently pioneering in the space of train simulation, meanwhile seamlessly advancing for the future. Although quite small in origin, Highbrow Interactive is deep in experience and big on ambition and functioning proficiently to emerge as one of the best Game Producers in the Simulation genre. Led by Founder and CEO Jeno Manickam who owns a distinguishing background in Game Engine Design, Highbrow Interactive has always made sure the simulators had the best technical base to incorporate maximum features without compromising on performance.

Striving for Success
Highbrow Interactive has been EBITDA positive for the last 5 years and despite being a self-funded enterprise in operation for the entirety of its lifetime, it has attracted interest from the premium names of the Indian gaming industry. "Although we have kept a low profile and always let our work do the talking, the interest generated among industry stakeholders has been constantly rising. While there have always been investment offers, our stint at Google IGA in 2019 has renewed the interest manifold. We house a team of avid developers and designers who strive to create state-of-the-art interactive and immersive experiences. All our games have topped charts in many territories and have accumulated more than 50 million downloads. Our user base is concentrated in the markets of Europe, Indonesia and India and will extend all over the world. Consistent updates of seven successful railroad simulations targeting 3
major geographies and introduced an India-specific bus simulator in 2019. At its peak in the monsoon month of 2019, the Indian Bus simulator had a decent number of monthly players. This year our games were chosen in Google's invite-only subscription play pass program and subscribed by large audiences," states Jeno Manickam.

With the gaming industry taking significant steps forward since the start of the 21st century, the progression comes with an array of new challenges too. By understanding their user retention, Highbrow Interactive has significantly fixed their flaws at the earliest which helped them to reduce the rate of churn and increase user engagement. "One of our goals this year is to get better at creating more content for our players. We are determined to broaden our horizons for exploring the possibilities of creating innovative contents. Anyway, this year we've concluded that this is something that we need to get better at. We have now made the first few steps to improve this. We are happy to be partnered with some talented external studios who are helping us to build more and better content. We have not only invested more into tools & technology that will help us create content more efficiently but have also grown the size of the live teams to be able to serve all of you better," quotes Jeno Manickam.

Equipped with a team of avid developers and designers who strive to implement immersive experiences, highbrow is currently pioneering in the space of train simulation

Footprints of Success
In the Tamil Nadu Innovation Grand Challenge (TNIGC) - a virtual initiative by Entrepreneurship Development and Innovation Institute (EDII) promoting innovation and start-up culture by providing financial grants to budding entrepreneurs, Highbrow Interactive is ranked 2nd against the entrants across 25 industries on three elements: Open webinar, Bootcamp, and Pitchfest. The games of Highbrow Interactive are featured in a comprehensive curriculum and mentorship by all the top mobile game experts in the Indie Games Accelerator which is a program for top game start-ups from the distinctive emerging markets looking for an opportunity to boost their growth on the Android platform. The company also had the privilege to present their pitch deck among leading international start-ups through Google demo day.

"We intend to take all our titles online with a deeply integrated PvP game aspect because it's a highly recommended feature by players. We have outlineda Train Racing game with the added development time, focusing on art and graphics, multiplayer, and customization. A Truck Simulator with the quintessential Highbrow twist is on the cards, where our focus will be on authenticity as always with the added spotlight on providing an overarching narrative to the player's journey. Our upcoming game Train Station Tycoon holds massive potential, as it will be the perfect marriage of two of our passions - train and business simulation. We can't wait to introduce our existing train simulation fanbase to tycoon games. Our developers are most indulged to build up their creativity, they have great ideas about it and we are actively exploring those directions. With plans for both Indian and American markets, work is currently underway keeping in mind the massive potential for customization in both regions," concludes Jeno Manickam.