Highbrow Interactive: Interesting and Realistic Simulation Experiences

Jeno Manickam Durairaj, Neethimanickam Joseph Durairaj, Mohammed Irfan & Prashanth M,Directors

Jeno Manickam Durairaj, Director

The online gaming industry is touching a greater altitude every day with many companies entering this space to boost the entire gaming ecosystem. One such company which entered this niche space is Highbrow Interactive - a brand that’s known for turning ideas into exciting products which deliver a seminal user experience. The company is led by a team of proficient domain specialists like Jeno Manickam, Durairaj NMJ, Mohammed Irfan and Prashanth M. These active directors are striving to empower the company to redefine the online gaming sector.

Game development was just a matter of interest and hobby to Jeno, Irfan and Prashanth during their college days. The introduction of smartphone happened right around the time the three started their undergraduate engineering course. Within a matter of weeks, nothing was the same and the world of gaming and computing had shifted course forever. This overnight technological transformation escalated the gaming industry and incited them to turn their avocation into a business. Soon after graduation, the three got together and started working on game ideas. This was the genesis of Highbrow Interactive in 2013.

Today, the company has transformed in various technical and infrastructural aspects. They develop and publish games which are available for Android and iOS users and enjoyed by a deeply-devoted fan base around the world. In addition to the games, they have intermittently worked on projects for major multinational companies.
While the company is tasting continued success in games with some of the chart-topping titles like Euro Train Simulator and Indian Train Simulator, the company is also working on Virtual and Augmented Reality products under the brand name Highbrow Reality.

Already having a strong fan base in the train simulation market, Highbrow Interactive is planning to enter other simulation spaces in the near future

When asked what is it about them that has made them click so far, Jeno Manickam, the Managing Director of Highbrow Interactive, says, “In addition to nurturing a robust in-house technical and design team, it’s our decision to branch out very early into augmented reality and virtual reality that has helped us stand out in an increasingly homogenized market.”

He adds on how the structure of the company, organized way of working and approaching extremely technical concepts with a gaming perspective is making them fast, stable and efficient. At present, the online gaming industry is thriving in all possible ways and competitors in this sector are increasing. However, Highbrow Interactive, being the pioneers to subsume AR & VR technologies into their repertoire, promise to build high-quality simulation games and products that will continue to provide an exceptional experience.

One of the ways they hope to multiply their success is by breaking the age old myth regarding demography of gamers by designing titles to attract people of all ages and genders. Their decision to shift focus to under-served markets like India with rooted games has also paid off handsomely. The company also attributes its success to the passionate multidisciplinary talents, a skilled technical team and a brilliant research & hardware team which has excelled at designing customized client-centric products.

While the company has steadily grown since inception, the journey was not all smooth. “We had our share of ups and downs like all companies do but we managed to overcome the problems. The growth of the company is a result of our wholehearted commitment to do what we love.” says Jeno.

When you ask him where he sees his company in the next five years, Jeno elaborates, “It’s remarkable how this nascent industry has seen a lot of growth in the short time since we started working. The unpredictability of the future is what excites us every day; our conviction in the work we do is what has helped us set benchmarks. So far, the company is being nurtured using minimal funds procured from earlier projects. Having explored and studied the market enough, we feel, for the company to launch from here, investments would be the ideal next step.”

The company is expected to hold on to AR, VR and business simulation games, as these have shown immense potential. The founders look forward to Industrial Revolution 4.0 and are confident of Highbrow Interactive becoming a one-stop solution for enterprises.