Highflier: One-Stop-Shop for Quality Customized Clothes to Make Personalities Shine

Ashan Dananjaya,Founding Director

Ashan Dananjaya

Founding Director

The concept of fashion has changed a lot over the past few years. Customers tend to opt for clothes that are high in quality and something that matches their personality. 2020 is a year where almost all the apparel sector business ware affected drastically due to the COVID- 19 pandemic situation. Companies have to operate under challenging circumstances. Highflier is one such leading clothes brand that has operated and served both local and international customers under challenging circumstances that the world was going through during the pandemic. Highflier is a brand that produces various apparel options such as T-shirts, Hoodies, Shoes and more.

The main mission of Highflier is to create Passion for Fashion. With that on mind, the brand has introduced a new concept where customers can design their customized clothes through its built-in online design studio, even with no design experience such as options of changing colours, adding graphics and logos. One of the major factors that is driving the growth of the brand is customers these days is the preference of online shopping. Due to the present pandemic situation, various restrictions and social distancing issues are prevailing in society. Therefore, to avoid any contamination customers are willing to buy products online. This enables brands like Highflier to successfully operate in the market. Also, on the other hand, due to technological advancement customers are now educated on what they want. Brands like Highflier enable customers to create
customized products with the best quality. Due to this reason Highflier will have more opportunities to grow in this competitive market and also to target and position in the new markets as well.

“Our first motive was to understand the market and identify what customers exactly want”, says Ashan Dananjaya, Founding Director, Highflier.

In the initial years, the research team at Highflier has done a lot of planning and research to understand the market condition. Identifying the requirements of modern customers, the brand started offering customized clothing by allowing customers to design their products by themselves. There is a huge demand for hoodie products in the foreign market and the competition is less when compared to other products. So as a smart step, the brand started promoting its Hoodie products. Through Highflier customers from all over the world can buy customized hoodies at super affordable prices. The brand also offers a wide range of beauty accessories at discount.

To deliver quality products to the customers, Highflier makes sure that the raw materials obtained from the suppliers are top-notch. Offering the best quality and an ecofriendly approach towards production are the two main goals of the brand. To achieve this, Highflier has partnered with companies who care about sustainable fashion and technologies such as Kornit series printers and inks for DTG and MS printers. All the orders received goes through a 3-step quality check before they are finally shipped. The brand’s automated software checks graphics for quality and its AI tool evaluates if the image needs any adjustments before printing. A final quality check is performed after the blank product is customized. Led by Ashan, Highflier is looking forward to expanding its product range and launching a variety of apparel accessories. Another goal is to add more International recolonized payment options such as Payoneer, Alipay, Unionpay and other standard payment options like visa master card payments.

“We walk extra miles to make our customers feel delighted and provide them with high durable quality products,” Ashan concludes