HILO DESIGN: Affordable Custom-Made Luxury

A sibling duo, Mouna Gummadi and Sahith Gummadi jointly ventured HILO Design, a new-age fashion startup that brings luxurious and personalized fashion experience with prolific and top-class designs. This initiative was taken by them to bridge this gap and provide a custom-made outfit that is styled to suit an individual's personality and requirements. Based in Hyderabad, it is a creative fashion outlet that works to make customized designer clothing accessible for everyone.

Having worked with popular stylists and celebrities Mouna possesses a robust experience in the design industry, while Sahith comes from a business background. Previously, he worked with Paytm as a product manager and was part of the core team that launched Paytm Payments bank. His aspiration to be an entrepreneur made him quit corporate job and shift his career into the fashion industry.

Shifting the way how fashion industry works, HILO Design works to make customized designer clothing accessible for everyone

HILO as a firm that crafts custom- made outfit claims to understand the lifestyle, personality, interests and other aspects to provide the best-fit costumes that suit customers. Sahit says “Only celeberities can experience the luxury of designer clothing and our aim is to cater affordable luxury that fits individual needs.”

Recognizing the competition in the industry he speaks, "it will take some time to stand as a brand in the market. People expect unique and trendy products, it takes a certain amount of energy to break through the clutter and create a brand that is visible to all. Currently, we are focused on creating brand equity," he asserts.
Sahith Gummadi & Mouna Gummadi, Co-FoundersRevitalizing Factors
The vibrant team of HILO does things beyond the job definitions to get things perfectly done. Taking this into consideration, the team is well equipped in various domains and they collaboratively strive to boost the productivity of the firm while catering amazing personalized designs. The company actively brings in innovations to scale the brand. It caters feasible facilities like door-step services and outfit envision for comforting the clients and making them feel at the premier place.

It is an Omni-channel model that offers both online and offline services; starting with the online portal HILO's website lets customers explore different categories of collections and helps them figure out what works best for their big day. The AI-based system understands the user’s profile and suggests styles and designs according to their requirements. Their latest technology which comprises of artificial senses and augmented reality lets the user visualize and make immediate alterations in design and fitting. Having technology as a core factor of the company’s success it aims to scale the concept of design which is not just a skill but a co-creation of customer’s thoughts.

Brighter Days Ahead
HILO’s vision is to branch out to several cities in India. This vision centric-startup is on the verge of launching a brand new collection into their list. Sahith exclaims “We have three collection categories like sophisticated everyday wear, traditional wear and pure ethnic wear; our new add-on will drastically enhance the company’s stature.”

The company is in parallel talk with Vogue and it expected to get listed in this leading fashion magazine once the new collection is launched. The Brand is in the process of coming up with a technology that would transform the way the fashion industry works. “We want to improve customer experience in the fashion industry & aim is to disrupt the fashion market at a large scale and create a market that buys only custom-made fashion,” he concludes.