HOETUS: Providing Sustainable Tourism with the Help of Technology

Gaurav Debnath, Managing Director

Gaurav Debnath

Managing Director

Sustainable tourism is one such economic sector in India that has the potential to grow rapidly and contribute to the development of infrastructure at destinations.The Indian sustainable tourism market size is projected to be valued at $26.01 million in 2022 and is anticipated to reach $151.88 million by 2032, with a rapidly growing CAGR of 19.3 percent from 2022 to 2032. Homestays and EcoStays are an integral part of the EcoTourism sector and therefore HOETUS is onboarding various Homestays and Eco-Stays across India to integrate them into an organized platform. Established in the year 2022, HOETUS is leading as a pioneer in campaigning for Litter Free Tourism, through its various practical solution initiatives across North East India.

Located in Siliguri (West Bengal), HOETUS stands for Homestay and Eco Tourism Upliftment Service. HOETUS has introduced its own mobile app and within a span of six to eight months since its establishment, the firm has built an inventory of more than 270 EcoStays enlisted with them, more than a dozen Eco-Tours to offer, and a fleet of EV-Cabs that it promotes as part of the eco-tourism experience. The growing social media presence of the firm has attracted many inquiries and converted guests from various parts of the country. “The vision of our firm is to see a world that has adopted responsible and sustainable ecotourism as

the best practice to explore the planet”, says Gaurav Debnath, Managing Director, HOETUS.

Catering to all Types of Guests
HOETUS is emerging as one of the fastest growing firms in the eco tourism sector. The company provides wide exposure to activities like organic farming in the villages, trekking to a waterfall or a hill-top, playing football with the local village kids, swimming in the river, a tour of indigenous ways of hand-made tea, and many such activities. The team of HOETUS visits extremely remote villages to educate and encourage homestay owners to enlist with the company. The firm is also helping in the economic development of several extreme rural sectors through ecotourism.

HOETUS is currently working on evolving to a platform that can provide customized ecotour solutions for any guest across the world

The mobile application introduced by the company is a dedicated channel for all travelers or guests who would prefer to book eco friendly properties and help to uplift small and marginal entrepreneurs in rural India. Through this app, host members can easily host their properties to mention every small detail about their home stay or eco stay. Once the property is hosted, both online and offline bookings can be easily maintained through a single booking calendar.

The company works in an inclusive model of building a community, which helps it in catering to the requirements of all types of guests, right from backpackers to the premium section ones. HOETUS is also associated with two-wheeler rental services to provide budgeted weekend getaways or short trips to stay at a cozy camping site in the hills. It has premium properties that cater to luxury and yet ecofriendly experiences, more suitable for families or corporate guests.

HOETUS is aiming that through this platform travelers can explore the true essence of India as it helps them choose to live at the home stays and ecostays of the country. Moving ahead, the company has started to work towards building a Pan India inventory that would help it in showcasing the different cultures, flavors, and geographies of India to the world as a budding ecotourism destination. The intention is to then further expand the inventory across borders and build a global community for ecotourism in the coming years.