Holistic Living Wellness Services: Propagating A Mindful Notion Towards Urban LifeStyle Through Holistic Living

Sanjeev Mittal,Founder & CEO

Sanjeev Mittal

Founder & CEO

Over the last few years, the wellness industry has seen a coming together of the number of alternative medical and healing modalities including energy and spiritual healing, and of course multiple psychotherapies. Earlier, people either opted for traditional medicine or went for the alternative route, but now this is no longer the case. This is where the concept of holistic wellness comes in people can take a holistic approach to resolve their lifestyle issues. Today, wellness professionals Counselors, Coaches, Therapist and Healers are also aware of how these modalities can work in tandem, side by side and help their clients in leading the life of their dreams.

As we move ahead towards a better future, the need for wellness experts, who can provide 360-degree wellness guidance is also growing. The Holistic Living(THL) from Mumbai has been making a considerable difference in the lives of people who happened to join the wellness platform in the last year. THL has emerged as one of the best all-around service providers of wellness programs that are of holistic nature and cover key wellness dimensions Mental, Physical, Emotional, Spiritual, Occupational, Financial, and Socio environmental lifestyles.

Clients from different parts of the globe can connect with any of the wellness professionals counsellors, coaches, healers, therapists and other lifestyle consultants practising alternative medicine, natural therapies or other healing techniques. THL is truly the one stop community wellness platform addressing all kinds of life issues clients may face in day to day life.

Sanjeev Mittal, Founder & CEO, Holistic Living Wellness Services Pvt. Ltd. states, "The Holistic Living is essentially a community of experts dedicated to providing the highest quality of health & wellness services to customers". With expertise that spans seven different dimensions of wellness, the team of professionals at THL is equipped to help its client in dealing with all kinds of life challenges. We would like to highlight the personalized service THL provides to each one of our valuable clients. Right from the first point of contact, our team dedicates time to understand the unique requirements of each client and carefully matches them to the perfect counsellors, therapists or healers and we don't stop here, because our team is there every step of the way for whatever queries/concerns or challenges the client might face.

The Growth Story
The Holistic Living Platform was conceptualized during the pandemic when the group of wellness experts and cooperate professionals came together to provide an effective solution to the many challenges people were facing as a result of the lockdown and the different uncomfortable feelings that came with it. There was a sudden surge in challenges relating to mental & emotional health, physical health, financial concerns, occupational roadblocks, and even spiritual questions. For this reason, the company decided that just as people seek advice from doctors when they fall physically ill, they also need guidance to improve their mental, emotional and spiritual well being to stay physically fit. And yes, society needed to break the stigma around approaching mental and emotional health professionals, alternative healers or even life coaches. Experts at THL help individuals in addressing lifestyle issues like stress, anxiety, anger, sleep disorders, lower immunity, weight management, marital disharmony, parenting, loneliness, low self-confidence, workplace stress, career management etc to improve one's overall lifestyle and celebrate life.

Sanjeev mentions, "I believe that, whether lockdown or not, every day of our lives is precious, and that we should strive to make our life naturally healthy and happy one. Today, the fast paced technological developments have drastically changed the nature of daily human life. This constant change is acting as a strong trigger
for stress & anxiety, hence it is not only wise but also essential to seek professional guidance in addressing these mental and emotional well being issues well in advance."

Holistic Living doesn't only help you find a perfect counsellor or therapist but compliment people wellness journey by providing easy access to life transforming 'Wellness Events and Retreats'. A wide range of online events like emotional detox or digital detox to relaxation, yoga to meditation, weight loss or gain etc is offered to naturally transform individual life.

Holstic living doesn't only help you find a perfect counsellor or therapist but compliments people's wellness journey by providing easy access to life transforming 'wellness events and retreats

THL also has an integrated online 'Wellness Store' which provides exclusive products for daily wellness needs like wellness books and literature, health supplements, energised and healing jewellery, essential oils, herbal tea and beverages, organic spices & food and natural beauty and personal care etc.

Promoting Women Empowerment
Team THL believes in honouring women from all across the world for being the primary caretakers of children and elders. Thought leadership at THL stands upon the idea that women take the lead in helping the family and adjust to the new realities of society. Sanjeev firmly believes that everyone including women has the right to live a healthy, happy and fulfilling life. Today most of women manage multiple priorities and more than one role in life professional roles, family roles, community roles, and of course personal well being. It can some times be challenging to manage multiple priorities at once. Finding the right balance between responsibilities is a life skill that women including everyone else in society must actively cultivate and if required must seek professional guidance for the same at any stage of their life.

Operational Excellence
THL has developed is an online meeting ground for clients and profes sionals. It is a global community of experts that provide a wide range of wellness services, but it is also a place where customers can come for information, useful tips, and even to shop for their daily wellness needs. The platform not only has a directory of a few thousand profes sional coaches, counselors, healers, and therapists but also has an up-to-date blog that has good information on different wellness dimension topics. To save their clients time and energy, THL services its clients daily wellness needs under one roof and offer a wide range of natural, herbal & organic products. THL hopes to soon launch their Holistic Living Retreats curated getaways for customers who are seeking a more in-depth wellness experience.

The experts on THL platform come from various professional back grounds. Right from dieticians & nutritionists to energy healers, life coaches, astrologists, and psychologists the company has industry leading experts from across the country who understands the cultural nuances that the Indian population experience. The team on-boards these experts through extensive outreach efforts where they connect with professionals via different platforms, meet with them and explain to them the mission of holistic living, before we invite them into the community.

THL unique “7 C's Advantage” gives high recognition to this platform. From Curated Wellness for individuals of different mindsets, Credibility of renowned coaches, Convenience of easy online access, Customer Service with reliable support to Collaboration with the Experts, Confidentiality by respecting data privacy and Competitive Pricing, the platform has been no less than a trendsetter.

"Our team ensures that all professional documentation, including certifications, is received before we move forward and create the coach profiles on our website. Our coach onboarding team meets with the coaches personally via video call to understand their experience, their approach and to discuss whether their mission aligns with the values of THL that is to provide the best quality and delivery of health & wellness to our esteemed clientele" says Sanjeev.

The executive advisory board at THL is a group of dynamic professionals from different industries, regions and experts in their own fields. The company not only has individuals from business, branding, and marketing backgrounds but also mental health professionals, psychologists, psycho therapists and spiritual coaches. The vast range of talent at THL guides the team in all areas of the venture, right from onboarding certified professionals, to designing end-to-end wellness plans, for private clients and as well as corporates.

Future Projections
So far, the journey has been transformational ­ not only for the clients but also for the Holistic Living team. They have been able to grow the community, touching the lives of individuals across the states of India, as well as cross borders in South Africa, Dubai, Hong Kong, Australia, the USA, UK, Canada, Indonesia, Nepal and even the Netherlands.

Lokah: samastah: sukhino bhavantu', which means 'May all in the world be healthy, happy, free, and peaceful' is the core philosophy from which I continue to derive inspiration and make a positive contribution in the lives of people- Says Sanjeev. We are on a mission to improve the mental and emotional well being of individuals and help people start living life of their dreams.

Speaking about the plans of the company, the Founder concludes, “We have a few exciting plans for the coming year. Initially, we began with our main focus on providing one-to-one and group coaching sessions, but now we are also working on more indepth, end to end wellness plans that will also offer clients the option of offline wellness retreats so that they can be completely immersed in an environment of growth and change. We also plan to expand our online wellness store, where we will have a wider range of natural and organic products like health supplements, as well as holistic wellbeing accessories like crystals, rudraks has, and much more under one roof.. This way, The Holistic Living would truly emerge as a one stop online destination for all kinds of wellness needs of our clients.”