Mimi Homes: Transforming Daily Home Environments Into Extraordinary, Unique And Positive Experiences

Naseem Somjee,FounderWith Indians having become more conscious about the feel of their home, people these days are doing away from their old traditional home settings and are now opting for aesthetic home décor designs that cater to their modern-day lifestyle. From elegant interiors to cosy indoors, consumers are now going for products that give their places a more bespoke feel. Following this notion, there have been some major developments in the home décor industry where the current value of the industry is pegged between $20 billion to $30 billion. As the wave of refurbishing your home catches on in India, there are many players in the market who are coming forward and setting up their own furnishing centres that are dedicated to give a new life to your home through their product portfolio. One particular company that is standing out in the segment and lending a premium feel to the houses is Bangalore-based Mimi Homes. A furniture and furnishing store, Mimi Homes is a subsidiary company of a Singapore furniture leasing company WTP Private Ltd. "When WTP undertook a villa project for a developer in Bangalore, it received such a good response that people flew to Singapore to request furniture, furnishings and accessories from the company. Noticing the scope of this market in India where people wanted a wide range of international standard products, we thought of venturing into the Indian market and that is how Mimi Homes came into
being," informs NaseemSomjee, Founder, Mimi Homes.

Established in 2018, the company offers a wide product range of the highest quality at an affordable price. Be it your typical products like sofas, armchair, dining table, and cabinets or the quintessential range of lamps, artifacts, carpets and accessories, It is a one stop shop offering 360 degree furniture and furnishings service to address all your home and interior needs. The company majorly takes up residential projects but it is now rapidly taking up commercial, retail and hospitality projects as well. With sourcing capabilities that have been built over for 27 years, Mimi Homes is well placed in the system where it can transform the entire feel of a house.

Specialising in service, quality and design, the company focuses on delivering a holistic product and not just an isolated home décor piece. Furthermore, the company's ability to create a win-win scenario and treating its customer with utmost respect has made it stand out among the crowd where it has now carved a strong position of its own in the market. "We work on building superior customer service and we spend a lot on market research. Harnessing the use of technology, we are creating the ultimate offering. We have now learnt to be nimble and we focus on our customer's needs and what they require," assets she.

Mimi homes is a one stop shop offering 360 degree furniture and furnishings service to address all your home and interior needs

Constantly working towards enhancing its service portfolio, Mimi Homes is foraying ahead in the home décor segment and does not hesitate from going above and beyond in its operations for the clients. The company looks forward to grow its entire service and product offering and is working on making every interaction unique.