Homesurf: Finest Standard Of Excellence in Home Improvements & Facility Management

Aldrin Viegas, Co-Founder & CEO

Aldrin Viegas

Co-Founder & CEO

The facility management market in India is being driven by the country's fast population increase. With the increased population and migration, the Indian government is also extending it's housing facilities. Housing demand is expanding at an accelerating rate. There is an increased demand for facility management to fulfill the expanding demand. Furthermore, the real estate sector is thriving as a result of the rising demand for housing amenities.

The rising real estate sector, fueled by the building of both residential and commercial structures such as business centers, offices, manufacturing units and housing complex, among others, is driving the growth of the facility management segment in general. The industry is witnessing an increase in demand from the real estate sectors for management services such as security, housekeeping, electrical, cleaning, mechanical, and civil engineering. The growing building of malls and retail outlets in India is also propelling the sector forward.

Homesurf is one such rapidly growing Facility Management and home renovation enterprise established in Goa with a single goal in mind to provide world class, finest quality home maintenance, turnkey building, and facility management services. Homesurf is the best option for clients looking for
expert Facility Management Services with specialized products for corporations educational institutes commercial buildings, residentials, hotels, hospitals, and resorts. Its clientele includes several organizations of repute including Chowgule Industries, Audi Rosenberger, Minco India, SSRC, FC GOA, Esteem Industries, Anand Residency, Sports Authority of GOA, Fairfield Marriots, Isparva Hospitality, Gera Builders, FC Technrgy, Astra Metal, P&G, Sodexo, Zuri, Purvankara Grafikon Realty and Mody Group.

Homesurf is dedicated to providing a diverse range of high quality services that reflect the company's skills, capabilities & strategies

Homesurf is an ISO 9001-2015 certified company that is well-positioned to deliver professional facility management services without disturbance, with a team of 100 support technicians, facility management specialists, maintenance workers electricians, plumbers landscape experts, carpenters, and housekeeping employees. Homesurf hires, trains, and retains staff of skilled and well-mannered professionals who ensure that its clients receive the finest service possible. The team works hard to achieve the company's common vision and extend the business into new markets.

Homesurf services can be bundled into customized packages as per the specification of the clients. The firm offers hassle-free services such as housekeeping, security, HVAC (Air conditioner) and electrical repair, plumbing repair, landscape management, indoor plant maintenance, lift maintenance, facade cleaning, and fire fighting services. Homesurf is dedicated to providing a diverse range of high quality services that reflect the company's skills capabilities and strategies.

"Our no-compromise service is sealed with our brand promise of a Standard of excellence, which implies that every single detail is taken care of, all you need to do is call us in," emphasizes Aldrin Viegas, Co-Founder & CEO, Homesurf.

Homesurf provides customers with satisfaction with their products and service, which continue to increase every day as a result of pleasing a large client base. And as it proceeds ahead to reach new heights, the company plans to extend its service line and target new markets throughout the country by staying aligned in the market with the new trends and technology.