How SkillCicle is Expanding to 10+ cities in India with Franchisee Model?

Shivam Ahuja,FounderAccording to the recent World Economic Forum's (WEF) Future of Jobs report-2020; Artificial Intelligence (AI) is set to become the world's top one among ten growing demand scales in the next five years. AI and Machine Learning Specialists, Data Analysts and Scientists, Information Security Analysts, IoT, BlockChain Technology, Robotics, Quantum computing, Cybersecurity specialists and Big Data Analysts are among the topmost sought after jobs in India, the report said. Accordingly, the All India Council for Technical Education (ICTE) has approved new courses across the country this academic year (2020-21) intending to provide expertise in the respective new technologies and skills as experts believe that a mismatch between education and arts is not a good development.

SkillCircle since its start in 2014; has expanded horizons with e-learning and live classes globally and across 23 cities in India to equip students with the techniques to meet the shortage in each industry. With the primary focus of providing freelancing; SkillCircle is headquartered in New Delhi and onboarded more than 100 mentors to date to enroll over and above 11,000 freshmen and learners. Mr. Shivam Ahuja; the prime mover of SkillCircle with a motive to empower skill enthusiasts with advanced and trending expert practice is also a serial entrepreneur with MegaCorps like Uber and Oyo Rooms as a marketing consultant. Manifesto of SkillCircle endeavors to draw the values adopted, not only in an educational context but as an organization in general. Business, Technology, Designs, Marketing, and Side hustle subjects including Digital marketing, Data Science, Blockchain technology, Social media marketing, Web designing, and domain flipping are potential disciplines of SkillCircle.
A leading consultancy firm has revealed in its study that India needs 13 lakh multimedia professionals by 2022. No sector does not use animation and graphics, which are part of multimedia, from wedding invitations to entertainment and education and jobs such as graphic designer, web designer, content strategist, blogger, social media designer, TV, film, gaming, media, advertising, and other fields. The project-centric nature of learning techniques and direction from SkillCircle transforms an interest, giving it both purpose and direction as they explore technical workshops, boot camps, key theory, and exciting hands-on projects, showing the trainees the endless possibilities that freelancing can afford.

The latest ILO statistics on the labor market impact of the COVID-19 pandemic reveals the devastating effect on employees in the informal economy and on hundreds of millions of enterprises worldwide. As employment losses escalate, approximately half of the global workforce is at risk of losing livelihoods. This is a clarion call to all to be led by expert trainers who have honed their expertise with proven background, for alternative backing or financing. Learning SEO and other areas at SkillCircle would profit the industry, as the skills shortage is so acute and it is so common for entry-level candidates to come from diverse backgrounds. Most of the beginners learn to work on a job or through reading books and great articles on the internet or via youtube, which are not extremely propitious. Deliberative preparation for a fulfilling career is a must.

Skillcircle elevates beginners to succeed in their future by culturing directly through experts in an immersive environment

Investing in learning at SkillCircle broadens the spectrum of opportunity as five hundred placement partners are associated. By believing and adhering to certain principles and delivering the highest standards of skillful content, SkillCircle creates positive experiences for all of the stakeholders. As a tower of strength; SkillCircle secures trainers and partners as royalty partners with business income in the form of royalty agreement between two parties over the period they work with the organization. The concept of SkillCircle is to launch 100 courses shortly including supplementary side hustle for trading Domain Names online at a good margin.

SkillCircle's vantage point is that the pandemic has catalyzed the consumers of Edtech. Most students have stayed indoors - away from schools and coaching centers, but learning must go on. From the viewpoint of students, Edtech fills in the gaps in traditional schooling such as the lack of personalized tutoring and standardization. Moreover, SkillCircle plans on modeling technologies to rebuild the education sector in India through the Edtech industry. "We aim to encourage confident learners, let this facilitate the learning process and diminish the chances of low employment," states Mr. Shivam Ahuja, Initiator of SkillCircle.