Hulladek Recycling: Committed to managing Electronic and Electrical Waste

Nandan Mall,Founder & CEO

Nandan Mall, CEO & Director

It was with the mission to make this world a greener and sustainable place Hulladek Recycling, the brainchild of Nandan Mall began its operations in 2015-2016. The resolve was given form by venturing into e-Waste management stream and creating a system that would allow proper handling and disposal of e-waste. Nandan who is a third generation entrepreneur is currently working on expanding Hulladek’s reach to all of eastern India. He received his Bachelor of Commerce from St. Xavier’s College, Kolkata and eventually earned his spot as Business development manager at NIIT Kolkata. After his three-year career as a manager there, he decided it was time for a change of scenery and sold his busi ness to use the amount as capital to fulfil his teenage dream of working towards E-Waste management. This marked the beginning of Hulladek Recycling. Kolkata-based Hulladek Recycling is a Producer Responsibility Organisation (PRO) providing comprehensive E-Waste management & handling solution that in compliance with the law offers services in recycling,safe & discreet logistics, destruction of sensitive data, CSR compliance and certification to organizations
that offer them their E-Waste. The company has a robust and transparent operational model that helps producers meet their EPR targets within the stipulated time frame.

"Since inception, Hulladek has achieved 1000 per cent growth"

Hulladek is authorised and licensed by the Central Pollution Control Board, for safe collection, transportation, segregation and channelization of e-Waste under the E-Waste (Management) Rules 2016. “Our vision of recycling the entire e-Waste of our country has led to introduce innovative practices in the field of E-Waste management,” speaks Nandan.

Hulladek Recycling facilitates the EPR process by taking the responsibilities for collection and channelization of e-Waste to ensure environmentally sound management. In order to fulfil the target for e-Waste collection given to the Producers, the company approaches various dealers/distributors/bulk consumers and consumers of electronic waste. Hulladek helps in the process of collection and channelization of E-waste. “We help in setting up collections centres and ensure sound recycling of the e-Waste as per the norms laid down by the government. The emphasis on creating public awareness regarding the e-Waste disposal through the help of various campaigns is also a part of our strategy,” he says.

The Growth
Since inception, Hulladek has achieved 1000 per cent growth in
collection and turn over. “The contribution of our clients and our employees has made it possible for us to collect more than 6, 50,000 kg of e-Waste till the last quarter. We look forward to achieving targets and reaching milestones,” asserts Nandan. Additionally, the company’s client list has also expanded over the years and presently it has about 300+ clients on board. “Presently we are a team of 25 people working towards the cause,” he mentions.

At present, Hulladek is working towards expansion through collection centres by making channel partner in the Eastern states of India. It started its operation in Kolkata initially and has recently opened two branches - one in Assam and the other in Nagaland and is further planning to have centres in Jamshedpur, Shillong and Agartala very soon. “Such associations will not only help us expand our business, but will also create awareness regarding the ill effects of improper disposal of e-Waste and would provide a solution for the same. Thus, it will help us to take a step further towards our mission of making a greener and sustainable place to live,” he adds enthusiastically. Hulladek has also forayed into consultancy services in relation to government certification like BIS and is planning to cover more such certifications through its consultancy wing in the future. In a nutshell, the future of Hulladek in E-Wastemanagement seems bright.