Huquo: Bringing Forth a Transformation with Strategic Human Resource Management Solutions

Manoj Kumar Sharma,  CEOThe corporate world is ever-growing leading to significant resource hiring. The rapidly increasing workforce often poses a challenge for organisations. For improved business functions and enhanced workforce management, the Human Resources department plays a very important role. Effectively managing the human resources is the key to developing a human aspect of an organisation. It directly influences in achieving organisational goals and creating an environment that is motivating and cohesive at the same time.

Relooking at the whole HR space and delivering unique solutions is Huquo (Human Quotient), offering the next stage in the evolution of HR. In an industry thirsty for innovation, Huquo is a fresh perspective towards people and organisations. At Huquo, human beings are not treated as simply resources, but as an ocean of untapped potential. The company believes that the Human Quotient goes beyond IQ and EQ and is the holistic representation of all human potential. According to CEO, Manoj Kumar Sharma, "Many organisations struggle to achieve results because the relationship between their goals and their people processes are foggy or non-existent. With the use of a proprietary strategy decoder, our talent consulting services provide an intensive, efficient, and collaborative process
that enables you to first hone in on the talent implications of your core business strategies, and then confidently define, prioritise, and sequence the critical talent capabilities needed to activate strategies and drive their execution".

When Manoj Kumar Sharma was working as an industry HR leader, he noticed a critical fact that the industry's growth is getting disrupted because of not having quality employees on time which was impacting the overall growth of different organisations. He also observed a severe lack of quality and sensitivity in the current recruitment processes. Huquo's positions itself as a Human Resource Management company in the link of business approach followed by Global management consulting like Mckinsey & company, Kearney, BCG, Bain & company etc. rather than a Recruitment company, by offering strategy as a part of the process to attend to the various existing problems as far as the human capital is concerned.

It is focused on providing Human Capital related services as an exclusive HR partner to clients globally with a major focus on recruitment. Though initially clients had their misgivings, over the last five years there has been a shift in the client mindset, leading them to approach Huquo to be their exclusive HR partner and recruiter. Manoj Kumar Sharma further adds, “For ages, recruiting has been more about the jobs than the people fulfilling these roles. It has been a haphazard mess of moulding adaptable human quotients into odd shaped holes in order to fill a need gap. At Huquo we find the right fix for the right role. We believe that when individuals find the right place to belong to ­ it helps both the individual and the business vertical flourish”.

The company's services are segmented into eight categories which are - Huquo Highs which is Strategic and Leadership Hiring which is led by seasoned search executives with rich exposure. Its experts will first understand the organisation's expectations from the new leader and then bring a befitting match on board after extensive research and assessment Huquo Heads which is Business and Operational Level Hiring where Huquo Heads vertical caters to middle managerial and line level hiring across various industries Huquo Hikes which is Quick Post & Hire, App based Online Recruitment Solutions Huquo Hires which is an extensive Skill based Mass Hiring Huquo Heroes which is Flexi Staffing & Contingent Hiring Huquo Hunts which is the connection between Corporate and talent to understand future requirements Huquo HR General Management where it addresses challenges across all the sub functions in the human resources department and, Huquo Analytics where the company assists its client in deciphering human capital issues and designing programme to address the same.