iabode: Automation Simplified

Gone are the days when automation was a term of amazement and smart homes were just a dream. With the invention of such robust technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Intelligence, Machine Learning and several other powerful tools, the world of automation is getting closer to us with each passing day and is assisting us in carrying out even the simplest of the day-to-day chores. Though this cuttingedge technology helps us in getting the work done in an instant, it proves to be a rather inconceivably pricy business which tends to push people away and make them look at it as a luxurious option. Taking a cue from this notion, many startups are coming forward in the market and are making an effort to turn every single house into a smart automated home at an economical price. One particular company that is making significant strides in this segment is Mumbai-based iabode led by an enthusiastic go-getter Sauarabh Vasa.

A flagship brand of T.S. Home Automation Pvt Ltd. conceptualized by Sauarabh an IT geek, iabode is changing human perception on smart life and is making available affordable home automation solutions. Wherein the existing players tend to focus more on luxury apartments, the company is putting home automation technology across to the masses, allowing the middle scaled class also to experience the warmth of automation. "All our products are priced keeping in mind even the smallest pocket size. The solutions are designed in such a simplistic way that people with even zero technology knowledge can make use of it," says Sauarabh.

The product portfolio of iabode includes Smart Wifi Switchboards, Smart IR, Smart Sockets Aroma Oil Diffuser, Smart Mood Lightening, Voice Automation, and exclusive
Experience Centre among others. It offers around eight to ten amazing solutions that are ranged between INR 2499 to INR 5999. Providing services at PAN India level, each product at iabode undergoes a strict quality check process to ensure 100 percent safety. They are absolutely water and fire resistant which is a major attribute for any electronic appliance. As many as 80 percent of the products of iabode are DIY and IoT based
Sauarabh Vasa,Founder & Managing Director
with no complications involved in integrating them with home appliances. Following a simple configuration technique all their products are compatible with world's best AI technologies. "All the offerings of the company are voice controllable and support Amazon Echo, Google Assistant and others. We are also compatible with IFTTT and other third party apps as well," he exclaims.

iabode is changing human perception on smart life and is making available affordable home automation solutions

Iabode is witnessing an 18 to 20 per cent of increase in the number of clients each year and is currently present in Maharashtra, Gujarat, and Rajasthan with four five dealers who are promoting the company in these regions. With its focus on tier 2 and tier 3 cities along with the metros, the company aspires to expand its brand presence across the country by 2021. "Every quarter we introduce one two new products and at the moment also we have a couple of products under the R&D stage. We are on the verge of launching 15-18 new products in the upcoming year,"he concludes.