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Sourav Paul,Founder & Lead Content Developer

Sourav Paul

Founder & Lead Content Developer

After Sourav completed his M.Sc in Aerospace Engineering from Warsaw University of Technology, Poland, he started working as a freelance content creator for a small aviation magazine in Poland. When he came back to India and started working for other such content creating organizations as a technical content developer when he realise his love for the profession. Turning this passion into a business idea, Sourav then gathered a team of some of the best writers, editors and digital marketers from around the world which finally led to the foundation of IamContenting- one of the most successful content creating organisations in North East. A digital marketing and content marketing service provider, IamContenting strives to offer the best content marketing and digital marketing solutions. "Currently, North East is encountering a startup revolution where the social acceptance of such mode of work is high. IamContenting evaluates all your requirements and goals and then we make a plan and come to an agreement," says Sourav Paul, Founder, IamContenting.

One-stop solution for all the Digital Marketing needs including Content Creation, Content Marketing, SEO Strategy, Social Media Marketing, Guest Posting and Branding, the company provides best industry solutions
with 100 percent efficiency. All the services are fully organic and tried and tested wherein they go through a three-step quality check and rigorous proofreading; thus making the content high-quality. A very simple-to-use platform allowing website owners to purchase content writing and marketing services, all the writers at IamContenting are well trained and can assist you in services ranging from SEO, Guest Post Services to Wordpress Website Design and Content Writing. "We still believe that the Content is King but with a full-on strategy and roadmap. We always aim to create the best strategy for each project to get the best result. Due to the simplified process of creating and serving the content needs all our clients love our services as we never compromise in quality and always ready to go an extra mile to get the best result out of out contents," he asserts.

Functioning 100 per cent remotely and online, IamContenting delivers around half a million words every month, on an average along with other digital marketing services

In this digital era, every business faces competition and IamContenting was no exception to this where it faced a difficult time in the initial years of its inception. But as the company matured and changed its approach along with its overwhelming portfolio, it attracted more and more clients and was able to establish a unique position for itself in the market. Started with very small and low-paying projects, IamContenting has now emerged as one of the best content writing experts with time. "We have worked with more than 150 clients till date from different parts of the world including India, Canada, U.S., UK, Australia, Denmark, and Poland. The only strategy that we focus on is to improve our skills and quality each day to stay on top of the content industry," avers Saurav, proudly.

Functioning 100 per cent remotely and online, IamContenting delivers around half a million words every month, on an average along with other digital marketing services. It is continuously working on improving the quality to be on top of this industry wherein all its writers and editors undergo different workshops and skill development courses. An official partner of Klusster Media, Canada, IamContenting is also running several ad campaigns on Facebook, Twitter & Google and also planning to start providing its services locally to attract the local market.