iAugmentor: Making Learning Come Alive

Sameer Sikka, Arindam Sen & Pratik Marwah,Co-FoundersThe next generation technology such as AI, ML, AR/VR & MR has impacted every possible industry at the moment, including travel, hospitality, finance, healthcare, real-estate, and automobile among others. While every thing is evolving at a rapid pace, the Education space still succumbs to the age-old system of classrooms and coaching practices.

Sameer Sikka,Co-Founder & Managing Director, iAugmentor, throwing light about the need of an hour, pinpoints, “Education has always been about classrooms around walls. Within walls, there might have been minor technological up-gradation. But, there is something called as 'classrooms without walls.'”

Today, millennials learn just by a touch of a button. They are living in a world which is socially connected, where there are driverless cars, and robots taking financial decisions for them. "Education being one of the last frontiers, I think, it’s high time for the industry to witness the power of AI & ML," asserts Sameer, a learning specialist, who has
been in the fore front of creating L&D strategies to some of the big corporate firms across the world.

iAugmentor has partnered with some of the big names in the industry like Ericsson, Nokia, The Sachdev Group and Educational Institutions like Tula's Engineering College, Marwadi University along with a long list of clients in Middle East & South East Asia

Your Personal Guide to a Continuous Learning Experience
Gurgaon-based iAugmentor has carved a niche in the space today by creating a platform that helps learners of varied skill-levels to improve, validate, and learn on a continual basis. Today, the company offers its cutting-edge technology platform and solutions to Universities, Engineering Colleges, and Corporate clients across the globe.

"Unfortunately, training being a onetime affair in most organizations, they struggle to achieve the desired outcomes. However, our product here is designed to solve the mishaps that exist in the ecosystem by providing the most personalized AI backed learning solutions, where a user/employee/student can learn by doing, micro learning, spaced repetition,and
experiential learning through gamification.”

Further, beautifully explaining the core essence of the platform, Sameer says, "Learning happens only when the habits change. And, the habits change when we do things repetitively. Therefore, our spaced repetition and the micro-learning experience among other features enable to build that habit over a period of time, guaranteeing the desired results to our clients."

Over the years, successful in transforming the businesses across geographies, iAugmentor has partnered with some of the big names in the industry like Ericsson, Nokia, The Sachdev Group Tula's Engineering College, Marwadi University including a long list of clients from the Middle East & South East Asia.

The Future of Learning is Already Here!
Founded in 2016, as a first of its kind skill enhancement company - iAugmentor currently in an expansion phase and is providing solutions to its clients across the globe. Also,growing 200 percent YoY since the inception days,the company has raised series of investment funds for its further growth. Pratik Marwah, Co-Founder & COO, iAugmentor, narrating the future roadmap, concludes "The world is moving towards AI and AR/VR. So, we will be adding a lot interesting features onto our platform which gives the users an immersive,real-time experience of learning by doing, any place, any where, any time!