ICOSYS: Driving Innovation Higher

The shift towards technological advancements is impacting many aspects of life. One of the major influences is by Smart Homes. While inventions like AI and ML are significantly contributing to automating systems, the concept of connected homes is rising as a new industry vertical. This new market has already gained immense traction. Its expansion beyond projections and the ability to create a shared economy and vibrant ecosystem is aspiring entrepreneurs to venture and capitalize on their innovative ideas. Vijay Chowdhary, RitwikGhosh and Sandeep Gupta three zealous entrepreneurs, who come with different walks of life, recognized the market potential & its irreversible nature and conceptualized ICOSYS in 2017.

The founding team has a collective experience of over 40 years in technology, finance, sales and operations. They aimed to venture into this landscape and turn ICOCYS as a platform that creates frictionless and seamless connected spaces for everyone. "Our goal is to enable all kinds of OEM manufacturers to develop smart products using our IoT platform, thereby empowering innovation, and fostering healthy competition,"says Vijay Chowdhary.

Best in Class Offerings
The company's Smart Home Platform allows the residents to control and interact with their home from any where. The wide array of solutions incorporates all the latest inventions from smart security to smart lightening system. The platform can be used to incorporate host of devices such as intelligent door Llock, cameras, controllers for home appliances, and various sensors. Users can interact using a single smart app to monitor and control everything. The platform has also enhanced security features to protect data from external threats.

The Journey
The proficient team of ICOSYS strived to build a stable platform and to gain advantage in this nascent market. Speaking about the initial days, Vijay asserts, "The process was grueling and dotted with failures, but we
learned fast and moved ahead. Within 15 months, our products and platform were completely ready. We also started building our core team and assembled a group of highly dedicated and committed individuals, who are working hard to take ICOSYS to the next level."
Vijay Chowdhary, Ritwik Ghosh & Sandeep Gupta, Founders

ICOSYS is now recognized as a one stop solution that offers a fullfledged IoT platform for OEMs, and inhouse products to enable connectivity, security, and automation for the consumers. "Our ability to evolve fast, our board and management team's experience in technology, our single minded focus on delivering customer delight are key differentiation factors, which makes us unique,"he exclaims, cheerfully.

ICOSYS is now recognized as a one-stop solution that offers a fullfledged IoT platform for OEMs and inhouse products to enable connectivity, security, and automation for the consumers

The recent days are significantly portraying the strong and evolving nature of the company. Beginning the journey with a 3-member team, and now turning as into a robust 30 membered team depicts the success of ICOSYS.

The Roadmap
At present, the company is focusing on strengthening its core technology to on board OEMs in its platform, and to build a strong distribution channel. It has established offices in Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, and Kolkata. ICOSYS is now available in over 15 cities in India. Extending the presence globally the company has entered into Nigeria. It is also focusing on high population centers in Asia and Africa while it is all set to start distribution in the UAE. With all this ICOSYS aims to become the most desired brand and the best IoT platform in India by building a vibrant ecosystem to enable OEMs thrive in the automation market. It also aspires to be an amazing workspace for the ICOSYS community.