I-Engage: Be Digitally Alive

Sambhav Doshi,FounderThere are several marketing strategies available to grow the business but the one that gives clients the freedom to focus on their real business is the one that counts. Driven by this core philosophy is Surat-based I-Engage, an award winning digital marketing company. I-Engage is best-defined as a group of young and enthusiastic people who provide innovative ideas for businesses to grow faster in the digital marketplace. It ensures cost-effective strategic development solutions and offers various result-oriented digital marketing services helping businesses increase their visibility in a digitally-crowded market.

I-Engage is the brainchild of Sambhav Doshi. Sambhav was always keen of learning new things irrespective of any industry. He completed his Bachelor degree with specialization in Information Technology, International Business and Finance from Sardar Patel University, Anand, Gujarat and later pursued his Masters in Finance from Annamalai University, Tamil Nadu. Sambhav's first professional stint was with Standard Chartered Bank as an Assistant Manager after which he moved to Mumbai. He got placed in SS&C Technologies Ltd. as an Associate. Soon, within a year, he got promoted to Senior Associate. Despite the progress in his career, he was dissatisfied with the package and the bonus that was offered to him. This somehow eventually led to the foundation of I-Engage. "While doing thorough research, surveys, articles reading,
discussing with friends and families, I perceived that the scope in Internet Marketing would be vast in the coming years. This inspired me to get into this niche space. My decision in going into this space was never questioned. I always found a great support by my idol ­ my father and my inspiration ­ my mother and also by my great elder brother and sister-in-law and by my wife. Also, I was immensely supported by my mentor ­ Rajeev Wadhwa, ETC Academy who groomed me so well in digital marketing," says Sambhav.

Sailing against the Wind
The challenges I-Engage see in the industry is the digital platform upgrading in a speedy manner. There is either some technology or new feature added in social media platforms. To remain competitive in this industry, team I-Engage keeps themselves updated on a daily basis. "We have scheduled our day in such a way, where the first hour of the start of the day, we entire team discuss on any new inventions or new policies in this space which then help us to re-search on the same in the entire day," he mentions.

I-Engage is currently focusing only on on-boarding more clients targeting specifically in Maharashtra, Gujarat and USA

The company houses a team all with Certified Graphic Designers, Digital Marketers, Website Developers and SEO Experts who strive to bring timely deliverables to the clients. "We believe in innovation & creativity. We have always received positive feed-backs from our clients for the services we provide. Whether it's Website Design, Social Media Marketing, SEO or Premium Digital Business Cards, we always stay at par on creativity," he avers.

The Road Ahead
The company has grown from three clients in the first month to 40+ clients in the very first year of its operations satisfying clients by their digital services with the satisfaction ratio of 95 percent specifically. The company have served various sectors such as Real Estate, Jewellery, Photography Studios, Diamond Manufacturers, Coaching Centers, Bag Manufacturers, Restaurants and many more. The company's motto is To get their clients more digitally alive by which they can generate potential leads for their business. “We are aggressively working hard towards our goals and constantly looking for innovations whether it's on service part or any new products like we launched 'Premium Digital Business Card' in which we have monopoly till date. This boost us to re-main stagnant in the most competitive industry in India today”; he concludes.