Ikshana Konnect: Elevating Facility Management with a Commitment to Excellence & Caring Approach

Maloy Kumar Maji,  FounderThe Indian facility management market is poised for significant growth, projected at a CAGR of 14.84 percent, escalating from $46.27 billion in 2022 to $97.29 billion by 2028. This expansion is fueled by technology-driven solutions provided by facility management startups, addressing the escalating need for efficient management of physical spaces and assets. These startups underscore data-driven strategies, utilizing IoT sensors and advanced analytics to enhance predictive maintenance and operational efficiency. Sustainability, particularly energy efficiency and eco-friendly building practices, is gaining momentum. However, challenges such as substantial initial investments, integration complexities, regulatory compliance, and intense competition persist, necessitating trust-building and ongoing adaptation to evolving technologies for sustained success. In this demanding landscape, Ikshana Konnect stands out as a problem solver, offering solutions for managing complex enterprise facilities through innovation and enriching competencies in safety, productivity, sustainability, and transparency.

A Commitment to Excellence
Ikshana Konnect originated from contemplations following the pandemic, focusing on enhancing lives. Established in 2023 as a 'people connect' Facility Management enterprise, its cornerstone rests on the principle of respecting to achieve enrichment. The company is committed to establishing efficient and collaborative
workplaces that uplift clients' businesses, recognizing the mutual influence between individuals and environments. “Our unwavering dedication to excellence drives continuous upskilling, ensuring a comprehensive range of facility management services across diverse societal sectors. Our mission centers on crafting superior facility experiences, adapting to evolving visions and ecologies", speaks Maloy Kumar Maji, Founder. The firm’s vision is to Enrich people’s life through skill development and empowerment to become the preferred organization for customers worldwide.

The firm’s ethos centers on catalyzing positive transformations in the lives of Employees, Clients, Business Partners, Society, and the Environment. Offering a spectrum of services encompassing Technical, Cleaning, Business Support, Landscaping, Pest Management, and Hospitality, the firm’s strategic business approach emphasizes sustainability and superior facility experiences. “We believe through our business of Integrated Facility Management Services, we can bring about value-based changes in the lives of people, organizations we connect, and the society overall by providing quality customer-centric facility management solutions”, says Maloy Kumar Maji. Ikshana Konnect focuses on strategic guidance, empowering the workforce, ensuring quality, sustainable supply chains, technology leverage, and valuing its people Ikshanites as a competitive advantage.

Prioritizing People & Sustainability
Ikshana Konnect, true to its name, prioritizes care, aiming to enrich the Facility Experience for Customers by providing adaptable and enriched resources aligned with evolving visions and ecological shifts. Operating with a lean corporate structure based on sustainability pillars Lead, Learn, Innovate, and Outperform, the firm channel its focus towards nurturing its most invaluable asset, its people. “Our journey centers on Respect, Enrichment and Achievement, integrating insights from psychology, sociology, and anthropology for a balanced work-life paradigm. Overcoming initial market hurdles, we have gained a reputable client base, with plans to extend our excellence to the Healthcare and Education sectors, driven by a robust feedback mechanism and a culture of continuous improvement”, speaks Maloy Kumar Maji.

The firm is steadfast in envisioning a future where lives are enriched through skill development and empowerment, striving to be the preferred global organization for customers. The firm’s roadmap involves building a robust ecosystem of skilled FM Service resources. Strategic partnerships with specialized entities in sustainable products, digital training, and specialized services will underpin its journey. Leveraging this ecosystem and alliances, the firm aims for extensive growth across the Indian Sub-continent and the Middle East, bolstering its market position and offering unparalleled services to a broader clientele.