IMHERE24x7- Never Lose Sight of Anything

Saurav Arora & Pradip Shah,DirectorIt gives a piece of mind to fleet managers when they have their finger on the pulse of the fleet. With GPS vehicle tracking systems installed in the vehicles, fleet managers can track and locate vehicles anytime, anywhere, all with a little investment that can yield huge savings for enterprises. Global studies have shown that enterprises can save 10-12 percent on maintenance cost and 4-5 percent on administration by deploying GPS vehicle tracking system and fleet management solutions.

To enable enterprises gain more control over their fleet and earn more, Delhi & Ahmedabad-based IMHERE24x7 (A unit of Meridian Tracking Private Limited (MTPL)) has carved itself as a specialist in the research, design, development, manufacturing, sales and support of technologically advanced GPS/GSM fleet management and vehicle tracking solutions. Complying with industry standards, MTPL works in cohesion with its customers (B2B & B2C) to develop customized solutions that deliver measurable business and operational benefits by providing total visibility and control of mobile workforces. A wide range of vehicle location, fleet management, , workflow, mobile
job/trip planning and security tools are utilized to provide commercial vehicle, van/car fleet operators and industry where vehicles & personnel can be monitored, with scalable solutions that offer flexibility, reliability and functionality.

Complying with industry standards, MTPL works in cohesion with its customers to develop customized solutions that deliver measurable business & operational benefits

I’M Here – The VFM Vehicle Tracking Solution

MTPL’s indigenously developed I’mHere24x7 solution is regarded as one of the most resourceful and cost effective vehicle tracking and fleet management systems available in India. Using latest wireless communication to manage remote assets such as vehicles, assets/consignments and personnel, I’mHere24x7’s services, information and control systems together acts as the complete telematics solution. The turnkey products and updated software solutions with industry-leading backup and support place the solution a notch higher than its competition.

Once the customer logins the I’M Here dashboard (website or mobile), he can check the location of his vehicles in a snapshot and get various data points akin to how many kilo metres & hours the vehicles have driven. The users can create a geo-fence in the GPS tracking system to demarcate an
area of operation. If the device moves outside the area, the user(s) is alerted by an SMS or by email. The users can create various logins basis the organisation hierarchy for branch, regional or head office. Just like MTPL did for one of its corporate clients Sterlite Technologies who faced delay on-time deliveries and ineffective customer services. I’M Here developed an online vehicle tracking solution based on GPS/GPRS to find the real-time location of dispatch vehicles. The solution helped Sterlite’s customers to keep a tab on the fleet, plug pilferage, reduce thefts and ensure arrival at the destination on time, while Sterlite has complete visibility on vehicle movement with information on present location, speed and a host of other features.

The Intensive Solutions Apporach

Enhanced flexibility, feature-rich and cost effective products are the end result of MTPL’s intensive on ground experience.. This service oriented company has a strong in-house support system in 36 cities pan-India. “We support customers with one or multiple vehicles. We are building business with collaborations and strong distribution network,” says Saurav Arora, Co-Founder, MTPL. Recently, the company has added road side assistance for four wheeler and two wheeler vehicles on pan-India basis.

Expecting the fleet management market to grow exponentially, MTPL sees people opening to shared mobility and increasingly using such options. “Our vision is to offer simple solutions which when applied in new ways, will have powerful results creating products that can make a happier, safer, efficient world,” concludes Saurav. MTPL aims to become one of the top five players in the country in telematics in India.