Impactsure: Helping Organizations Improve Business Outcomes Tenfold

 Dharmarajan, CEOThe market for Natural Language Processing (NLP) is expected to increase from $26.42 billion in 2022 to $161.81 billion in 2029 at a CAGR of 18.1 percent. The market's growth is fuelled by enterprises and international businesses investing more and more in NLP and AI software based on digital technology to streamline corporate operations. Several other factors, including advancements in text analysis software, an increase in Financial Services and healthcare sector investments, and a rise in the demand for enterprise solutions for improved customer experience, will fuel the expansion.

Founded in 2019, Impactsure is an AI/ML-powered document analytics SaaS company that builds products backed by R& D to solve industry problems across BFSIs, and enterprise sectors. The firm was established with a focus on services and generic software development, and later the emphasis shifted to AI, data analytics, cloud first product development, and services in 2020. "By 2021, leading banks signed multiyear agreements with us for SaaS based products they required for Intelligent Document Processing and Intelligent Automation for trade finance. We also developed the patent-pending SURE - Secure Unified Responsive Engine platform in the same year”. said Dharmarajan Sankara Subrahmanian, Founder and CEO, Impactsure. Subramaniyan Neelakandan (Chief Technical Officer) and Ashish Mohan Jha (Chief Operating Officer) are the other Founding Members of the company. Between
the Founders, they hold and have applied for double digit patents.

Based on SURE, the firm later created domain agnostic platforms like Surextract, Sure match, Sure automate, and Sureflow. The SURE Secure Unified Responsive Engine is a tested AI/ML + NLP solution that extracts both structured and unstructured data from documents in various formats while operating in a highly secure environment, forms the basis of Impactsure's offerings. "Our customers in the Banking and Finance space are looking to extend our solutions to specific banking products, including Bank Guarantees (BG), Letters of Credit (LC), Remittances, Mortgages, Credit and Treasury Operations, Corporate Loans, Insurance Underwriting and Contracts, ESG because our solutions can contextually comprehend and handle various business documents," said Dharmarajan. The simple, practical solutions provided by the firm for the complex workflows offer four key benefits, which are Improve business outcomes by 10X delightful customer experience exceptional operational efficiency, and compliance with regulations.

The firm has created and tested more than 450 Sure tons (functional and technical microservices), which may be used in corporate, retail, wealth, and investment banking in a variety of areas, such as risk assessment, cash management, Credit, Lending, escrow, KYC, financial statement analysis, and management of stock, debt instruments, bonds, derivatives, and hybrid financial instruments, as well as for many other application areas in enterprises. "Our team offers commercially relevant solutions with realworld applications to assist businesses and individuals in interpreting information intelligently and insightfully”. says Dharmarajan. Impactsure was recently acknowledged for “Best practice - Digital Transformation for Trade Finance Operations” by the CII- DX awards 2022. The awards recognize innovative, resilient, and sustainable strategies for scalable digital technologies and serve as a benchmark for industries in their journey for Digital Transformation across India. They were selected to Cedar IBSI Fintech Lab, Dubai, and nominated to IBSI: Annual Sales League Table 2022.

Recently, Impactsure signed a multi-year agreement with the prestigious Singapore Exchange (SGX Group), Asia's most international, multi-asset exchange and several other partnerships with Global bank tech leaders. The firm emphasizes continuous development by using unstructured data sources, documents, and actual documents to train and improve algorithms. Impactsure also strives to create APIs for quick connectivity and develop its predictive analytic capabilities. "We already have strategic partnerships with top technology companies like Temenos, Google, Microsoft, AWS, and Deloitte and will actively extend our alliances with other industry leaders and our network of channel partners worldwide”, says Dharmarajan.