ImpeedCraft Technosol: Innovative Invention in IoT Technology at Your Finger Tips

IoT is becoming not only a technical but also a social phenomenon, changing ones’ perception of devices around them and the environment they live in. From factory equipment to the children's toys, the internet has always been important and to keep internet exploitation-free, we have IoT. Entering into a modern time of keen and associated things, ImpeedCraft Technosol, headquartered in Bengaluru, gives counseling arrangements in developing software products, custom programs, web applications, API improvement, IoT, IIoT, AI, Machine Learning and diversion advancement. The company has expertise in developing optimization solutions and deep learning, involving large graph database and large scale text analytics. ImpeedCraft also provides HPC (High-Performance Computing) Solution using spark and deep learning.

“We have created center ability in humanoid & IOS versatile application improvement and desktop applications. We have a tendency to provide tall conclusion arrangements in cloud computing, big data, Blockchain and IoT”, said Ranjith Kumar, Director and Founder, ImpeedCraft Technosol. The company also offers services for R&D activities to focus on technology areas, predictive maintenance, and smart city problems. ImpeedCraft Technosol focuses on providing innovative inventions that were once just a dream, but now can be a reality with IoT at the users’ fingertips.

IoT-Ready Products and Services
IoT is an extensive field where anyone from electronics, computer science or mechanical domain can find an opportunity. As this industry grows, more software engineers, more data scientists and more product managers will be required. The right time to be IoT ready is now. Impeedcraft Technosol together with the local development team is into developing innovative and new technology products for local market requirements. These products are CUMItech School Management software, CUMItech Hospital Management Software, SURAKSHA
GPS Vehicle Tracking, Motor Starter Controller, Drip Irrigation Controller, and Smart Home products. To support these products, the company provides services in mobility, embedded and business solutions. These services are imperative for organizations to become agile, responsive, consistent, costeffective and sustainable for the future.
Ranjith Kumar ,  Founder & Director

”Smart products require smart software. We have done IoT web development for home automation, sports equipment, consumer electronics and machinery in manufacturing. Building intelligent devices requirs keeping the hardware and software team collaborated all the time. We understand the need for effective communication during the manufacturing process”, added Ranjith Kumar.

ImpeedCraft Technosol focuses on providing innovative inventions that were once just a dream, but now can be a realitywith IoT at the users’fingertips

Furthermore, ImpeedCraft emphasizes on imparting in-depth and complete knowledge to master the technologies covered in the training programs and make the trainees productive. The company assigns consultants to candidates for training in the IT industry with solid experience in product development, configuration, and customization.

Established in 2017, ImpeedCraft was set up with the vision of changing the world with advanced technologies. Therefore, at ImpeedCraft, people have been able to consistently innovate without adversely impacting development time and cost, thereby positively impacting time to market and ROI. Basically, ImpeedCraft Technosol aims for sustainable growth while working towards becoming the preferred IoT and AI solutions provider in the Indian market and emerging markets alike.