In Phase: Committed to Power Conversion and Power Quality

Kamalakannan Elangovan,Founder
Team InPhase

Three of the college mates since their college days lived the dream of creating real-world products especially industrial products. Be it a drive system for an electrical auto, an electrical suspension system for ambulances or an IOT system to monitor operations of devices, every time they created something new, they took the help of IGBT(Electrical equivalent of transistors in Electronics)- a new innovation in Power Electronics which helped them to manipulate and play with electricity. These experiences gave the trio a sense of realization about the future of electricity and the role that IGBT’s in modern Electrical Systems. In 2005, the idea of venturing into the space began forming a shape. Surpassing the difficulties related to funds, skilled labor coming along the way, finally in 2014, the trio zeroed in on InPhase. The company was then joined by Panna Lal Biswas who further helped in accelerating their dream to reality through his immense knowledge and vast experience in this field.

Over the years, InPhase has set the standards for the Power
Quality products by launching products that are years ahead of the competitors. “MNC’s have been scrambling to beat our products feature wise. The entire players in Power Quality have now gone in to a revamping mode to match against our product ranges. Moreover, the ecosystem still treats hardware space as something that is nascent. Our presence has given quite a few people the confidence to get in to hardware space,” speaks Kamalakannan Elangovan, Head– Operations.

" InPhase’ revenues are in the tune of 100 to 200 million INR with a customer base of 130+ industrial clients from Rajasthan to Kanyakumari"

InPhase primarily targets the medium and large scale industries who suffer down time and production losses due to issues in Power Quality. The company has launched several unique products like the Largest Active Filter across the world, Integrated Capacitor Bank Control System and is also working with a few OEM’s in the Thermal and EV Space. It has also been actively participating in several key forums for Power Quality like the IEEMA–CAPACIT, IEEMA-ELECRAMA, CII-Greentech.

Power packed Solutions
The core offerings by InPhase includes Active Harmonic Filter, a all in one system that can solve any kind of power quality problems like Harmonics, Reactive Power, Unbalance, Flickering and Voltage
control. “We are the ones to launch the largest range in this product as well as introduce features like Integrated IOT and energy management systems. Our products have been immensely beneficial for the industries resulting in higher efficiency. For the country it means lesser losses, longer life for the distribution systems and better cost savings,”informs Kamalakannan. At present, the company imports from more than 5 countries and are aggressively working with more than 150+ local suppliers to produce products of global standards.

Excellent Growth Strategies
InPhase has so far seen a phenomenal growth since inception. The company has been majorly operating through its own revenues and with very limited funding from the founders. “We have been one of the very few successful hardware boot straps in the country. Today our revenues are in the tune of 100 to 200 million INR with a customer base of 130+ industrial clients from Rajasthan to Kanyakumari,” mentions Kamalakannan. Geographically, it has spread its operations to whole of India and also in Canada, Mozambique, Bahrain, and Vietnam.

In the years to come, team InPhase wishes to function in spaces of Energy Storage, Traction, EV Charges.“The good part about our future growth is we are technically 100 percent ready. All we need to work on is scaling up,”he concludes.