Incubyte: Crafting Future-Ready Software Products That Can Adapt To Changing Business Needs

Rushali Parikh & Sapan Parikh ,Co- FoundersIn terms of demand, software development is one of the world's fastest-growing industries. As it becomes more relevant and prominent in the modern world, it becomes necessary to comprehend its evolving trends. With the advancement of cloud computing technology, software as a service (SaaS) has become popular. The SaaS sectoris rapidly growing and is expected to grow at the fastest rate during the forecast period. Despite the growth, most has been seen in the quantity of software being built and not the quality.

Incubyte was founded in early 2020, just before the pandemic, to focus equally on the implicit aspects of software development, such as improved scalability, maintainability, testability, and security. It aids in breaking the status quo, modernizing technology, upgrading practices, and upskilling teams for companies that have been writing code for years. With newer products, Incybyte assists clients from inception to delivery, intensely collaborating with clients to design user-centric solutions, receive quick feedback, begin delivering value as soon as possible, and make continuous improvements.

"Incubyte has been focusing on the quality of software development as a company", says Rushali Parikh, Co-Founder Incubyte. They are attempting to introduce software development best practices to the Indian IT market. The company focuses on how to do software development rather than just what needs to be developed, which is why Incubyte emphasizes extreme programming practices and daily improvement. So the type of
company culture that is being created will look back and try to learn from past mistakes. It is attempting to align and implement various industry practices such as lean development, DevOps, and AGILE.

The company is successfully delivering its services to its clients such as software modernization, they are not always looking for Greenfield projects, but enjoy taking old ones, old source code, for a business that's been working for a long time, which is currently struggling with software related issues such as not being able to release them quickly, or their customers complaining of bugs, or simple issues such as speed, slowness, security issues, so they take these time test legacy products and try to modernize them and help them get rid of the issues that they may be having. The company is also collaborating with a fintech startup for who they developed the MVP or minimum viable product.

Rushali Parikh
Co- Founder

Incubyte is also working with finance companies, where it is navigating these cultural aspects of companies to ensure project success. The fourth is where the firm is working with the mental wellness of employees and is almost creating an application for the healthcare industry. As a result, Incubyte develops software for them and employs a variety of technologies. These technologies range from Angular and React on the front end to Java and Ruby on Rails on the back end. They have successfully released products on AWS, GCP, and MS Azure cloud platforms. Being truly tech agnostic, they have helped companies staff faster and speed-up their path to profitability.

The core philosophy of incubyte revolves around the software craftsmanship movement

Incubyte has crossed the million dollar mark in terms of revenue, and has been continuously working towards integrating latest technologies and methodologies to drive the needed innovation. “We plan to change the world and the state of the software industry in India. As an effort towards giving back to society, we are also working towards empowering women by creating employment opportunities", concludes Sapan Parikh, Co-Founder, Incubyte.