IndGlobal: The Professional Hosting Indian Mob-App Revolution

Rakesh Dadhich, Founder & CEO

Rakesh Dadhich

Founder & CEO

Facebook launched its first ever mobile app in 2012, and the rest of the anecdote is one among the most innovative in histories. With one single mobile app, the company witnessed a 3x growth in its user-base in four years and the organization acquired some of the leading apps such as Whats App and Instagram! Indian Mobile app market is nowhere below; it has reported a 90 percent growth. A study on the same plot reveals that 77 percent of mobile users in our country have up to 30 apps in their phone. Indglobal Consultancy, recognized as the best mobile app developer located in Bangalore, fills in this niche $600 million market with a comprehensive array of cost-effective solutions centered on Android, iOS, Windows, Blackberry, HTML5 and Hybrid platforms.

Its proven expertise to leverage Bluetooth, QR Codes, SMS, MMS, GPRS and fresh-hot technologies such as NFC empowers the company to give a touch of enterprise-ready features.Thus with a strapping back-end, the organization provides best-in-class
security and easy-to-use development tools to help effectively implement & manage enterprise mobility of the sub-continent. “The strong plinth of six years enables us to span across the whole mobile ecosystem,” asserts RakeshDadhich, CEO & Founder,Ind global.

Setting app security as its paramount axiom, Indglobal taps in the latest trends of the bazaar with fully integrated solutions

Strides With The Trend

Setting app security as its paramount axiom, new strides are on-the-go with Indglobalas it taps in the latest trends of the bazaar with fully integrated solutions. Rapid Mobile Development (integration & synchronization of apps in multiple devices) is one among such minty innovations. The organization meets this exigency with its cutting-edge cloud based exertion. The active commanders of the market, enterprise apps are perfectly carved in Indglobal cubicles with its Progressive Web App Development concept, which even converts full-fledged websites into native-like mobile applications. This vibrant mode of process becomes a lucrative catch for the clientele to earn money through in-app advertisements and purchases. “With IoT, Beacon and location based Wi-Fi services, governments world wide can easily manage city
infrastructures. Thus,there is an opportunity doorway for solutions including traffic monitoring and management, citizens’ safety and networked parking solutions,” adds Rakesh.

The Success Mantra

Indglobal’s journey for a big march started from Bangalore in 2010with only two employees in a small 500 Sq feet office and within a year of launch, it was awarded as ‘Most Promising Web Desgin Company In Bangalore’ by Shashi Tharoor, Member of Parliament. Secure the Code –being its mantra, Indglobal secures the devices by detecting the compromised & vulnerable run time environment and through preventing the data theft & leakage. Furthermore, the company has also carved unique features for securing the money transactions. “Indglobal has the habit of winning awards since its inception and till now it has won six,” Rakesh proudly echoes these words.He adds,“We also care to keep our customers 110 percent satisfied, always!” The strong customer base of the company includes DJ Foundation , She Doctor, ivy camp, Ekitchenkart and Clique messenger to name a few.

The revenue generation model of the company is purely centered on solutions development, which is charged in hourly, phase or service basis. A happy workforce carved through employee slanted work milieu and the innovative & skillful training programs worked as a spine for Indglobal to achieve a splendid 300 percent growth for the last year and clearly, it is eyeing more.