IndieShorts: Streaming Remarkable Web Series and Short Films

Goutham Kanade,Founder & Director

Goutham Kanade

Founder & Director

Amessianic and independent filmmaker, Goutham Kanade with his explicit vision singled out the pitfalls that prevailed in the industry. These catches were keeping several short film makers deprived of a perfect dais through which they can show-case proficiency of creating an impactful content capable of leaving an impressive imprint in the society, leaving them the only option of taking the aid of the inter-net, publish their works and reach their audience. Goutham chose not to be in this passive state; instead he made a purposive decision of constructing a platform for artists to enable them to reach their preferred audiences. On a wider note it is an attempt taken to mitigate the gap existing in the filmmaking ecosystem. "For the last 10 years I'm had made many of shorts and feature films in India as well as the UK, including works like WHO series and End - A New Beginning. I got the opportunity to work with renowned Kannada director Nagathihalli Chandrashekhar for the film “India v/s England” in 2018. I was fortunate enough to get the perfect platform and appreciated on an international spectrum. But that's not the case with other filmmakers, so I wanted to avail my abilities to build up a space and support the aspirants fulfil their dreams successfully through my establishment IndieShorts," narrates Goutham Kanade, Founder & Director, IndieShorts.
The Strong-suits
IndieShorts can be defined as is an online video streaming OTT platform for rarely found short films, web series, documentaries and music videos. It is a typical innovative and comprehensive online video streaming OTT plat-form that facilitates the young and talented independent filmmakers to put on show their artistry. The company mainly entertains independent shorts and web series that are not aired on any other internet entertainment service providers. The unique thing about this platform is it hosts vernacular and local content along with foreign content, observing a subscription - based and a non-exclusive revenue sharing model. In the light to assure best quality content, it practices HD streaming and subtitles. This online streaming portal is also available in the form of a downloadable Android app in Google Playstore. "There are a plenty of such platform in the market today, showcasing thousands of web series. But the truth is these platforms are also very selective about the content they intend to put up in their websites and the competition is tough. In IndieShorts, we give the chance to all, provided their works are really appreciable. In our websites you will find a number of award winning short films and web series, which makes it easier to watch in today's fast-paced lifestyle and busy schedule," he adds.

IndieShorts is an online video streaming OTT platform for never-seen-before short films, web series, documentaries and music videos

Gaining Grounds
From making a debut in the market as a web portal to displaying over 200 contents and bagging huge number of subscribers, IndieShorts has come a long way in a span of one year. With the support of a small yet prolific team, it has been keeping appropriate tab on Content Acquisition, Customer Support and Digital Advertising operations. Rooted in Bengaluru, the firm has expanded itself exponentially in both national and international market, conferring services to clients around the world. "We did observe a healthy growth over time. The number of film-makers, clients and subscribers are increasing with each passing day. Our present endeavour is to reach investors and seek good funding in order to expand ourselves," avers he.

For the days ahead, the company has planned to launch iOS and SmartTV apps to enhance better services and reach. It has in mind to keep collaborating with aspiring filmmakers and unveil the best content that exist in the world.