IndiGalleria: Curated with Love for Indian artists and Art Lovers Worldwide

Shambhavi Maurya, Co Founder and CEO

Shambhavi Maurya

Co Founder and CEO

Art has pervaded every aspect of our lives. Looking at paintings brings an essence of happiness and beauty when one feels gloomy.A subconscious look at paintings diverts one's mind to think over either the abstract paintings hung in front of them or maybe the reason behind the smile of a woman. Art is a feeling. Directly or indirectly, surrounding one self and filling up the empty spaces whether in life or on the walls tells a lot about one’s personality. Feeling the way, you are right now and keeping the optimism alive in our hearts comes with people or things around us. So, when you buy an original handmade painting by an artist you are able to spark imagination and creativity in your space and people around you. IndiGalleria is one of the leading online art galleries in India that serves to both artists and art lovers. It supports not only renowned, established and independent but also young and budding artists to exhibit and sell their work to a far broader audience and equally provides art-lovers with an opportunity to purchase original master pieces from the website .

IndiGalleria offers an unparalleled selection of paintings, drawings, and collectables at a wide range of prices. Being a curated platform, buyers are assured of uniquely handpicked 100% authentic artworks. In a nutshell, IndiGalleria seeks to redefine the experience of buying and selling art in the
digital marketplace for both collectors/investors, buyers and artists. Considering the present market situation, selling and buying art online is convenient for both artists and art lovers. The better the brand image the better opportunities and recognition the artist will get. IndiGalleria is one such online art platform that has good recognition worldwide. Presently the website offers a wide range of handmade original paintings in various mediums like oil, acrylic or water colour. IndiGalleria is also a one stop destination for a fine collection of eye catching contemporary art and sculpture by young, professional, experienced and renowned artists of India. The basic target audience of the brand is art lovers in the elite and privileged class both in India and abroad.

We have a dedicated technical team which adds new website changes for the best customer experience,’ says Shambhavi Maurya, CEO, IndiGalleria.

Beautiful and original art is the topmost thing people consider to decorate their dream house, their offices, and workplaces with, as it not only adds positivity to your life but also to those who look at them. But in India, the importance of art is not quite understood by the people. Here an artist has to go hundreds of extra miles to get recognition as an artist. So, to expand the reach and marketing of Indian artists, IndiGalleria is curated. In the non digital world, the core problem with traditional art galleries and exhibitions that are held, is that a lot of them happen simultaneously and for a common man it is not possible to attend them all. But online art galleries can be visited anytime from anywhere with just a few mouse clicks.

Established in 2017, with total workforce strength of 10 people and over 200 artists, IndiGalleria is focusing on doing more international shows rather than domestic ones to help Indian artists gain recognition world wide. Further, it is also planning to expand to the NFTs platform too in the coming years.

Our main motto is to bring talented people of India into the spotlight in the industry of art,’she concludes.