Indriyn: An IIoT Partner at the Hand-reach of SMEs

Siva Tekumudi,Founder & MD

Siva Tekumudi

Founder & MD

There is nothing new about deliberating and scrutinizing the IoT infrastructure. The industry has already augmented from Internet of Things to Internet of Everything! Still, the number of SMEs leveraging the technology advantage in this niche market is not up to the mark. Among the hurdles arrayed in their track, the paucity of budget to invest in Infrastructure has become the lofty one to spring over, since the big players like Samsung, Philips and Honeywell are miles away from their hand-reach. Indriyn Data Analytics Pvt. Ltd., born in 2015 with a mission to realize Industrial IoT (IIoT), is an elixir for such mid-range industries.

The research-driven company enables them to significantly improve bottom-line by using IoT along with data science without investing much in infrastructure & technology. The step away from crowded spectrum of IoT such as wearable and consumer IoT, and pin-point focus on high value space – Industrial IoT, helps the company to stand out from every possible market combat. On the other hand, the ability to handle the
‘Autonomous Intelligent Hardware’ (where the device continuously learns & takes decisions) accords its clientele with the experience of present-day’s tech-innovations at an affordable price tag.

The ability to handle the ‘Autonomous Intelligent Hardware’ accords Indriyn’s clientele with the experience of today’s tech-innovations at an affordable price

Matchless offerings

“We have a stronghold on industrial engineering, hardware and data science, and we supply full stack of IIoT. Not many players in industry cover the complete spectrum,” confidently asserts Siva Tekumudi, Founder & MD, Indriyn. Even in this era when IoT is at the peak of Gartner's hype curve, Siva is assertive about the plethora of opportunities yet to take shape in this fragment. The organization is a perfect fit in multiple spaces in Indian subcontinent, such as smart cities, security, mass transport and manufacturing industries, with service offerings that suit multiple categories in SME sector.Enticed by this process milieu, organization had a torrential flow of customers within a year from inception.

One among them was a large private dairy firm that entailed the visibility of their operational parameters such as Energy, Temperature and Quality. Indriyn super-satisfied the client with an IoT solution that displayed the
operational elements in their Bulk Milk Coolers (BMCs).

The four elementary pillars: Device Engine (sensing, connectivity and data collection & posting), Data Engine (cloud & Big Data management), Compute Engine (the unique Indriyn data science platform) and Interface Engine (output), powered the company to become a trusted partner. Apart from the exclusive data science platform, the Interface Engine of the company can be transformed into dashboard, Android app, Google Message, SMS alert or action message that triggers any external device/actuator. “We have built four levels of security in our platform: device level, connection level, server/cloud level and user access level along with the encryption methods such as TLS using X.509 based certificates,” Siva asserts when asked about the global security concerns.

The Unrestricted Workforce

Flying on the wings of the workforce, which is built by feeding the freedom to fail & experiment without the dismay of penalty, the organization absorbs constant innovations and progress in technical competency. “We are working towards setting up sales offices in other parts of the country and abroad,” concludes Siva. Setting the target to become the most trusted IIoT brand of India, currently Indriyn works on the ultra-low power, industrial intelligence sensors/gateways. Indriyn hosts the negotiations for its series A funding along with the strengthening process of its sales team.