InduTech Research Labs: Revolutionizing IoT though Easy-to-use, yet Creative Innovations

Bhaskar Nagavarapu,Sai Yanamandra & Vidyaranya Vuppu,President, CEO & CTOThe age of pervasive computing is undergoing a significant paradigm shift from smartphones to smart homes& cars to now smart industries, giving a touch of intelligence to everything. But imagine a common real-world object like a bar glass that indicates your bar tender to re-fill it when your drink reduces to a particular level. When you realize a service is ready even before you request for them, it indeed enriches your experience. Well, this is not the fictional elements of a fairy tale, but the new features of the next-gen intelligent IoT product Bar Glass created by InduTech Research Labs, a technology product company that has been providing an unparalleled user experience at multiple customer touch points.Backed by sensor-based wireless system, the Bar Glass deploys a finest blend of one or more devices to notify liquid levels to the bartender. “Dexterous to detect the level based on tilt and weight, the Glass is fitted with a sensor board at the bottom enclosed in an easily cleanable silicon casing, which can with
stand high temperatures,” explains Sai Yanamandra, CEO, InduTech Labs.

Inside the Masterminds

Launched in 2015, InduTech Labs is a product development arm of InduTech Inc. – a U.S.-based technology solutions enabler. Since inception, this brainchild of three like-minded visionaries has been instrumental in sufficing their objective to soar high in the realm of product innovation and give back to the society. “We do R&D to enhance our product’s performance level. Our products are automation-based and are offered at competitive price,” adds Sai Yanamandra. In addition to its flagship product Bar Glass, the company also derives strength from its two other innovations – inn-dine and i2chat.Besides supporting features like emotions, picture sharing, video and audio conferencing, i2chat transforms social networking through its feature that helps people to chat in their native language.

InduTech Labs runs the routine assent management and vulnerability scans, and constantly checks for potential threats to keep its IoT products secure

As an easy-to-deploy and use platform, inndine, on the other hand,is a customizable application that backs hospitality business owners as well as their patrons to
reap mobile payment processing options, customer surveys, quick service menus, social media marketing campaigns and such other business-critical solutions. “Driven by customer advocacy, we do keep in mind our ‘Pax’ and hence our products provide pleasure to even the client’s host when they avail the services in their related business,” proclaims Vidyaranya Vuppu, CTO. To secure its IoT products, the company runs the routine assent management and vulnerability scans, and constantly checks for potential threats, while the traffic of any unknown profile is automatically re-directed to a registration portal or network management system that authenticates its security.

Fueling Creativity

Creativity guides the entire idea and product portfolio at InduTech Labs and it eliminates all the things that can curb the lifeline, be it micromanaging its employees or rating their capabilities. Bound by the open, fun, yet empowering work culture, an employee is encouraged to embark on challenging live projects, once he completes his initial gestation period. The employee is constantly empowered to proffer the best by in-house on-job and off-job trainings, sufficient support and guidance from the management. “En route, we focus to hire creative minded manpower, continue to do R&D and create revolutionary IoT products, which shall then generate revenue automatically,” concludes Bhaskar Nagavarapu (President). The company is in the process of foraying into IoT services, while also focusing on expanding its products, presence and revenue.