Infinitas Technology Solutions: Your Trusted Partner For World-Class IT Solutions

G.S. Bhati, Managing Director,Ajay Josh, CEOTechnology is one of those buzzwords that is floating around so much these days. It’s a sea of its own. It is an inseparable part right from our daily routines to any large events or projects and has opened the door of opportunities for several IT solutions providers. Amongst the spectacular numbers of IT specialists, Infinitas Technology Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is a name worth mentioning. Started off with trading ATMs in 2015, Infinitas is one of India’s leading IT solution providers with premiere partnerships of NCR the world’s most renowned ATMs brand. The company’s forte lies in providing comprehensive solutions for banks with ATMs, cash dispensers, cash acceptors, and allied software supported by complete maintenance programs. With NCR, Infinitas is helping its customers respond to the demand for fast, easyand convenient transactions with intuitive self service and assisted service options. It has added a division of manufacturing kiosks, which were first manufactured only for banks. It has also added a couple of SBUs in 2016 and hospitality solutions & digital factors in 2018. In 2019, the enterprise has expanded its software division with more headcounts to offer the latest application software worldwide. Infinitas has established partners network and added direct customers that gave it a far reaching presence and excellent customer base. Today, the bootstrapped company has market ready solutions for QSRs, telecoms, airports hospitals, educational institutions, cinemas, and more. “Retail tech being a prime factor of our business in the Middle East was not a new product for us to launch in India. Retail POS and other softwares from NCR promoted us nationwide. The vision and roadmap are clear, and every Indian citizen who wants to do any transaction in a day should use our kiosks, at least once,” says G.S. Bhati, Managing Director, Infinitas.

Infinitas has made the right use of products and solutions to align for giving great consumers’ experience, addressing social &
economic causes and reducing environmental challenges. Its solution offerings have created several opportunities inside as well as outside organizations. It offers innovative, latest, and high quality solutions to its customers. Not only self service to consumers but also self service to buyers of Infinitas machines are on demand. The company uses IoT in its solutions so that the buyers can proactively come to know the upcoming issues and can fix it before it occurs. It has now become more intelligent by alerting issues to the rightly assigned person. Infinitas’ dedicated product and business & market intelligence teams’ help to increase the efficiency of R&D. Researches, new collaborations, building capabilities, and bandwidth have given the company an insight to meet the customer’s expectations, maintain uniqueness, and deliver the best results.

What’s Next?
As an organization, Infinitas is one big family. The Mumbai based company has crafted a work milieu of openness and flexibility where every person involved in any project takes ownership. Looking at ongoing trends for adaptability for technology, Infinitas has found good business sense with cascading revenues on YoY. The company is all set to expand its geographical presence in 37 more countries. It has already signed up with Latin American, East & South African, East Asian, Middle East, and far East countries. It will also expand its solutions with IoT, AI-based apps and introduce Robotics in a few geographies very shortly.

G.S.Bhati, MD
GS Bhati is Managing Director of Infinitas. He is an entrepreneur from India. Has business interest in Technology, Real State and Hospitality. He is Managing Director of Easy2touch International LLC, DG Infotech FZC based in Dubai United Arab Emirates. He carries strong business acumen & vision for the new trends, product substitutes, investments, right markets with effective and efficacious business strategies. His customer centric strategies always brought customer delight and hence business success stories. He has very strong presence and identity in all ME countries like UAE, Oman, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait and others.

Ajay Josh, CEO
Ajay is a Chief Executive Officer and one of the Directors of Infinitas. Ajay has been in the Technology Sales since 1993. In his career, he has worked with large MNCs selling IT products and services in India, Africa, Middle East and East Asia. In his total experience of 26 years, His last assignment was as a CMO and headed Domestic & International Product & Project Sales for Emerging Markets like Africa, Middle East, Far East. He has successfully booked multi million dollars projects from different countries in Africa like Kenya, Tanzania, Zanzibar, Uganda and India, UAE, Oman etc. With his Sales Team and Partner Network he executed multi-million dollar BPesa prepaid cards in Tanzania & Kenya, Facilitated actively in projects of CBS, EKYC, BI, Mobile banking and Anti Money Laundering solution contracts with large banks in South Africa, Kenya and Ethiopia.

Offerings: ATM, NCR Retail Pos, Kiosks, NCR Restaurant Solution, Id Card

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Best Performer AWARD 2015 – NCR Inc. At Dubai
Best Performer AWARD 2016 – NCR Inc. At Barcelona, Spain
Best Solution provider AWARD 2016 – NCR Inc. At Madrid
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