Infinity Freight Services: Offering Quality Logistics Services That Know No Boundary

Dhaval Valia,Director

Dhaval Valia


With the government opening its doors to foreign policies and the implementation of GST, industries today are at the cusp of economic revolution and globalisation and are looking for ways to scale their product demand to national and international waters. In an estimated value, Indian companies are annually investing $130 billion which may touch $300 billion by 2020 to improve their scalability while raising demands of investing in technology and one-stop solutions to all their needs. In spite of this whooping investment, the companies are still facing the discrepancies of delayed deliveries due to customs, shallow knowledge of the indigenous policies by the dealers, weak connections and so on.

In the wake of such obstacles, Infinity Freight Services, a Mumbai based organisation, formulated the services of international freight that would enable a larger scalability, custom clearance to avoid delayed deliveries, project imports and so on, and under the leadership of Dhaval Valia, Director, achieved the status of a holistic logistics solution provider. Backed by a decade long experience in the industry,Dhaval directed the company to address the loopholes of the highly unpredictable market
conditions of modern times with an active global logistics network, resource expertise and individual transport facility to remote locations.

Infinity Freight Services undertakes the tedious Project Cargo and leverages its strong and technically sound document clearance expertise to represent clients during custom clearance

Transforming the Logistics Scenario

Innovation and distinctiveness can be regarded as the core attribute of Infinity Freight Services. Keeping up with the trend, this nascent organisation is already an IATA ACCREDITED AGENT that provides its clients with the amenities of real time tracking feature and individual transportation solutions to remote locations, while the affiliation to leading carriers and an extensive global network helps in cross trading across international waters. A service oriented company, it leverages its global network to provide multi modal transport facility implementing a wider scalability to its services complementing its Sea Freight, Air Freight and Cross Country Freight.

Staying true to its agenda of being the one-stop logistics solution provider, the company undertakes the tedious Project Cargo and leverages its strong and technically sound document clearance expertise to represent clients during custom clearance.
As an aspiring organisation comprising of a young and dynamic team, the journey from a startup to an establishment was no walk in the park. “It was a challenge getting new clients and foreign partners on board as none of them were ready to trust the new players,” states Dhaval. While quintessential entrepreneurial obstacle of finance is a prevalent issue, the company is in talks with banks and will soon be eligible for the much needed capital. The management team comprising of only Dhaval as the marketing and expansion officer, makes it a ‘One Man Show’ who believes in quality service rather than cheap service is determined to run the company organically. One of the major complexities faced by the logistics industry is the tiresome delays caused due to customs and the lack of knowledge of the indigenous policies resulting in major losses and goodwill. However, Infinity being one step ahead has individual teams that adhere to its principles of transparency and curate solutions for the same enhancing the speed and precision of the entire process.

An Unstoppable Progress

With a young and dynamic workforce, this unstoppable organisation has attained an impressive progress of 30 percent revenue growth every financial year. With the employee skills set of being essentially knowledgeable in their domain, the company will soon set up offices in Gujarat and Pune by 2017. Infinity envisions expanding into every logistics sector (including warehousing) and eventually pave its way into the Rs.500 crore club with an in-house logistic segment, all within 10 years.