Infocloud IT Services: Providing Managed Services for Cloud System Integration

Ubaid Khan, Founder &,   Sunil Nair, Managing Director

Ubaid Khan, Founder &

Sunil Nair, Managing Director

According to a report published by Fortune Business Insights, the global cloud services market is projected to grow to $1712.44 Bn by the end of 2029. When it comes to India, the demand for cloud integration has increased multiple times with more and more companies requiring cloud managed systems for company operations. Earlier, cloud system integration were only done by the larger corporations but due to rapid increase in demand over the past decade many businesses have gained recognition in the reselling and service segment. As we are aware that there are three providers of cloud products which are Microsoft, Google and AWS and it is the responsibility of the reseller to properly integrate the kind of system customer requires for their company. Clients often face difficulty in getting the services as most of the resellers do not have the expertise or infrastructure provide managed services for all the three kinds of cloud systems. This is where Infocloud IT Services has come in to create a difference. The company has the needed experience and systems in place for all the three kinds of integrations and execute any one according to the requirement of the client.

Growth Story
The ideation of the company was done in 2018 and back then Ubaid Khan was the sole proprietor of the company. Ubaid had experience in this domain before he started off with the venture. During the initial two years of business, he did all by himself and in the process got acquainted with Sunil Nair who was has worked in cloud sales for more
than 12 years. Both of them did good quantity of business together and finally joined hands in 2021. “Now, cloud system integration has almost become necessary for any kind of corporation be it in India or anywhere else in the world. What we differentiate ourselves with in the kind of managed services that we are able deliver. We have certified multi-talented tech team who are ready to take up any given challenge. The most interesting fact is that a client is able to find all kinds of cloud services under one umbrella with us. The value proposition that we have is very consumer centric and cost optimized”, mentions Sunil Nair, MD, Infocloud IT Services.

What we differentiate ourselves with in the kind of managed services that we are able to deliver. We have certified multi talented tech team who are ready to take up any given challenge

The company was registered under this partnership in 2020 when COVID-19 has struck the world and it was very financially stressful for corporations to operate. The first integration was done by the company in May 2020 and only within the first 10 months of operations the company was able to do business of Rs. 3 Crores. It gained trust of the clients and as of now, the company has executed projects for more than 150 companies worldwide. “Because we are based out of Mumbai, the hub for us will always be India. But we have executed various international projects in countries like Taiwan, Kuwait,Iraq, Bahrain, US,Singapore, Netherlands and UAE. We have also set up another office in the UAE by the name 'Infocloud Computer Software' few months back and have been able to acquire clients as well”, mentions Ubaid Khan, Founder.

Sunil Nair, Managing Director

Future Endeavours
In the past three years, Infocloud IT Services has gained considerable recognition among its clients and wants to carry on with the good work. “We would like to have our presence in the European countries in the coming few years after we have successfully established our UAE operations”, concludes the MD.