Ingenia Tech: Enabling Smart Life

Abhinav Jajodia, Co-founder,Rohan Agarwal, Co-founder

Abhinav Jajodia, Co-founder

Rohan Agarwal, Co-founder

While the entire world is appreciating the potentialities of technology,only a few minds are curious to experiment on this invention and come up with ideas that can change our lifestyle to something better. Abhinav Jajodia and Rohan Agarwal are tech enthusiast who started analyzing the benefits of various automation technologies and protocols to turn things self regulatory. Starting the trail with basic concept mechanization, they began to spread awareness and educate people on automation as a necessity. Slowly and steadily they shifted to work on other concepts and protocols where adaptability and cost were relatively better. After gaining a comprehensive understanding of the industry they established Ingenia Tech A design, engineering and project management firm in the arena of extra low voltage systems(ELV).

Since its inception, the company has worked with several builders, interior designers and architects, with a very satisfied clientele giving a good kick-start to them for achieving their targeted vision. Currently, Ingenia Tech takes care of the tech interior needs to provide solutions to suit client's requirements. "We are distributers, dealers and system integrators for a range of technological pioneers in the industry. We build our products to give the best-in-class user experience as the utmost priority. Providing turnkey solutions for the technological needs with all types customization is our forte," says Rohan. With recently partnering with lighting pioneers in India, they have also bagged multiple project for lighting design and supply. "The architecture is the wise game of volumes put
together under the lights Le Corbusier's famous words fully reflect the important role light plays in architecture" says Abhinav

The Offerings
The company offers a range of products for the masses as well as for the premium clients. It offers products that are deluxe yet affordable. Besides, it provides convenience, comfort and security of home or office at the fingertips through highly advanced systems. It also furnishes complete automation for residential as well as commercial sites which are very user-friendly. Throwing light on the unique services Abhinav exclaims, "We impart voice controlled automation solutions ranging from scratch to whatever the client can think of. Integrating good lighting design with user friendly lighting control with audio and video control is currently the most popular requirement in terms of raising the standard of living for our clients"

Rohan Agarwal, Co-founder

Beginning the journey from nothing, the company has now turned as one of the most trusted home automation startups in Kolkata. The products such as intelligent lighting, digital door locks, home theater automation, video door phones, home security, climate control, and others are highly appreciated by the clients due to their impeccable quality. "We appraise the client's feedback and inquiries as they help us improve and grow further,"he asserts.

Ingenia Tech provides convenience, comfort and security to your home through a highly advanced yet the most easily operated systems

With a mission to be recognized as a company that builds innovative and integrated technology solutions, Ingenia Tech is striving to positively impact the embryonic development of the new concept of living by improving productivity and enhancing the lifestyle of the evolving community while contributing to energy conservation. It is also taking steps to deliver those to fulfill the needs and add long term value to its customers. Currently concentrating on residential and office segments it plans to get into the industrial automation process in the future. It is also focusing to expand the presence in different cities like Guwahati, Ranchi, Siliguri and several other north eastern places.