InnoServ Digital

Rahul Jain, Namil Tiwari & Ritesh Dhrangdharia,Co-FounderBygone are the days when advertising content were found only on traditional media through TV channels, radio broadcasts and newspapers;the present generation is more about internet and digital platforms as the world is rapidly shifting from being analogue to digital. With the digital market industry growing up to 35 percent a year and the revenue reaching more than $1billion, it has become mandatory for companies to run marketing and research campaigns digitally for being able to compete and stand out among others in the industry. Although several digital marketing firms promise to provide better services, Pune-based InnoServ Digital stands out among them with its research driven business oriented consulting, helping SMEs and startups to actually realise the true value of digital marketing through new tailor-made solutions rather than just feeding them with the old ones.

InnoServ delves deep into its clients’ needs to understand the loopholes and cavities, which it then fills with the perfect consulting services

Services Offered

Incorporated in 2013 by Rahul Jain, Namil Tiwari & Ritesh Dhrangdharia (Co-Founders), InnoServ has been working majorly in two areas, first being corporate services which includes corporate training, staff augmentation, consultancy & many more, and the second beingdigital marketing which is also the most popular and recognized service of the company. Considered as digital marketing pioneer by its clients, InnoServ has strong expertise in formulating digital strategies for B2B and B2C markets exclusively through creating, developing and executing world-class campaigns via service offerings such as Social Media Marketing, SEO, SEM, PPC, Online Reputation Management, Media Buying & Planning, Website Design & Development, and Mobile Application Development.

Due to its power to convert social engagements in to actions, InnoServ’s model marketing services has becomeone of the most popular services among its clients.With a reputation of never jumping into relieving the customers pain points, InnoServ, delves deep into their needs to understand the loopholes and cavities, which it then fills with the perfect consulting services.
This has allowed the company to gain trust among its clients. “We are not just another solutions company, we are primarily a consulting company which is helping the customers right from thinking stages to converting these strategies to reality and taking them to market,” says Rahul.

Research Initiatives

To sharpen its research arsenals, InnoServe leverages its two research wings called ASMA (Adoption of Social Media in Academia)which aids academic institutions in promotion, placements, admissions and brand building, and SUN (Social Media Usage by NGOs) which acts as a framework for setting upindustry benchmark for NGOs to follow digital marketing strategies while adopting social media to meet business objectives.The success of these initiatives can be known by the fact that ASMA hasalready reached to 118 institutes including 15 international institutes and making 1.9 million digital impressions in a single year.

With problems like shortage of skill still very adamant in India, InnoServ tries to counter them by working closely with top business schools and IIMs in India interning students to get the best talent out and on board.The company has achieved the revenue growth of about 300 percent in the past two years, and currently experiencing a growth of 150 percent. With a clientele list of companies like ICFAI, TOONZ, Bimtech, Kirloskar and many more, InnoServ is now primarily concentrating on real estate and academia as a key domain of operation. It is also looking for global expansion in the countries like UK and the Middle East.