InnovED Global: Creating Rankers through Robust Content & Software

Rohit Singh,Founder&Managing Director

Rohit Singh

Founder&Managing Director

From a critical spine injury to a powerful educational platform is all that states the founding story of Kolkata based EdTech startup, InnovEd Global. It was a long-time foreseen dream of Rohit Singh, an IIT Delhi alumnus that aroused as an exceptional idea to set his entrepreneurial footprints when he was lying in his sick-bed for almost a period of one month. Prior to starting InnovED, Rohit was working as a CTO with Big Seller, one of the world’s leading brand authenticator but had to leave the company as he was attacked by a spine injury. Returning back to his home city, the thought continuously ran his minds on what was the next thing he is supposed to do. Hence, deciding to kick off with his past experiences where by he was a part of various coaching institutes during his college days, he forayed into the educational space.The vision was to bring in the golden days, take revolutionary steps on how education service is delivered, especially in the unorganized coaching market through logical-proven steps.

One of India's first-of-its-kind companies that has launched full-fledged IIT-JEE advanced test series, and endeavours to create rankers

Led by a team of seven full-fledged employees InnovED Global is on the mission to provide an exam preparation platform to the masses. Touted to be one of India’s first of its kind companies that has launched a full fledged IIT JEE advanced test series, the company endeavours to create more rankers. Explicating on the same, Rohit Singh, Founder & Managing Director, InnovED Global speaks, “Education in India has always been a matter of utmost importance. And today, the competition amongst the students has picked up with more IIT JEE aspirants who want to avail a seat in the premier institutions. Despite lakhs of students appearing each year, there is a huge gap in the availability of a test series book or any portal that gives matrix types questions in a proper format. Thus, foreseeing the opportunity we came up with InnovED global-a platform to create top rankers.”

Results is All that Speaks!
Believing in the saying, "The result is all that speaks',the company has been able to make a brand name through clear propositions. "Understanding business environment, we
started with the B2B segment for white label solutions. Gradually, moving towards B2C, we presently have two complex coaching institute & schools," avers Rohit. He adds,"Our whole database with the inclusion of questions is all new and prepared by us. We have our own website and a mobile app, each for learners & parents."

The essential feature of InnovED's ranker's level content and robust software includes Mobile & Tablet Responsive, New & Refresh Content, Self-assessment, Relevant Questions & Parent Involvement. The focal point lies in IIT-JEE segments, Grade 5th to 10th students & parent child relationship.

Expanding Geographies-Both Vertically & Horizontally
Rohit himself being a qualifier in both IIT & AIPMT entrance test ensures to start coaching for medical entrance too. In the pilot run, InnovED Global was used by 78 students, out of which 40 were selected in IIT JEE and WB JEE. Not only that, All India IIT Advance Maths topper was one amongst the 78 students. Growing exponentially in a short span of time, the company believes in quality and not in profit-making. Currently, working on three projects, Rohit concludes, “By October, we will leverage our projects in AR/VR segment. This will capture the US, Australian & the UK market. As the Indian market is concerned, our next step is to expand vertically & horizontally with setting up an office base in Indore.”