Innovius Software Solutions: Support Enterprises in growing their Profitability

(L - R) Ravi Dubey, CEO & ,Harshal Shah, Managing Director

(L - R) Ravi Dubey, CEO &

Harshal Shah, Managing Director

Born from the thought to help MSME and SME businesses to increase their profitability and ROI in today's competitive economic environment, Innovius Software Solutions provides effective and efficient development solutions to support enterprises in growing their profitability, improve their quality and recognition in structured way. Gujarat based Innovius specializes in Mobile Application Development both in Hybrid and Native, Enterprise Solutions and Software Application Development.“We understand client’s business and make their process smoother using IT Solutions. The solutions help them in seamless business processes, making things easy & user friendly which ultimately benefits them in revenue generation,” speaks Ravi Dubey, CEO.

The Early days at Innovius
Nearly every start-ups face struggle and reasons are many. Innovius is no exception. Initially, the team had a tough time to hire a good first developer. “Being a startup, people take time to trust you. Recruitment is very important
and tough part of running a business; more so if it is in IT solution domain. Putting correct resource to project is very important,” says Harshal Shah, M.D. Apart from this, cash crunch was another major roadblock that came in Innovius’ way. With hard work and dedication, the team soon surpassed the challenges and began gaining recognition among the market and the customers with quality services.

" Innovius Software believes in success of its customer by delivering relevant,measurable and robust solutions which accounts for every penny being spent."

“Clients usually have an idea of what they want as the end result, but not what the software should go. Our skilled and experienced experts help the client in defining the software requirement and scope thereby generating a clear map for the client and our development team,” Harshal says. The software experts ensure to follow the best industry standards while writing the code and once the products are accepted by the client, deployment team move towards deployment on production environment. “Our deployment ensures that applications have the right environment for the applications and take care of any eventualities,” he adds. The team keeps an eye on the latest trends and updates clients continually on how to improve their applications, adding value to their business even after the product is delivered.

For an instance,the team has helped Dazzle Holidays,a company which provides tour and travel
related services with a centralized CRM System developed by Innovius, which has resulted in better customer relationship and services. Harshal mentions,“Our solution facilitates management to take quick and effective decisions with various reports. The execution and customer service gets smoother &better day by day after CRM implementation. This leads for better RoI and better quarterly results for Dazzle Holidays.”

Improving Measures of Success
Innovius Software donates one percent of its revenue, products and time towards helping communities. The company’s revenue for the FY 2018-19 is expected to be increased by 40 percent compare to last year. “We are targeting to increase our workforce by double within a year. Digital commerce is also a growing segment, which has tremendous potential. We are planning to have dedicated team for digital commerce segment,” he says. The company has strategic partnership in USA and Dubai based company as of now and is focusing for such partnership in Europe to expand business in European region.

“In next few years, we are seeing rapid growth in new generation technology based solutions in Mobile App Development, Software Automation, Augmented & Virtual Reality, Machine Learning,IoT and Artificial Intelligence. This combined with Cloud based connected technologies enable new business solutions in Finance, Healthcare, Retail and Hospitality industries. We are planning to double the engineering team at our India operations to meet the needs of rapid growth,” he concludes.