Inqubex Consulting: Creating a Tangible Impact through Repeat Business & Satisfied Clients

Nitin Dheer,Founder & Lead Consultant

Nitin Dheer

Founder & Lead Consultant

Human Resources industry basically comprises individuals that provide services to organizations around recruitment, record keeping, employee engagement etc. and advise clients on areas such as organization design, talent management, rewards design and employee engagement. The HR department is a critical component of any business as they are responsible for a wide variety of functions.

As a department, Human Resource is the part of the organization that deals with employee relations. The human resources department of a company deals with payroll, benefits, and regulations management. Typically HR is the department of a company responsible for overall employee relations, and it is challenged with balancing the welfare of the employees as well as the company itself. The massive expectations of both workforce and organization can be met by implementing the right technology in every walk of work life.

Inqubex Consulting is an HR consulting company established in 2009 with the explicit intent of providing clients with high quality, efficient and implementable consulting advice around organization structuring, talent management and employee engagement. The Inqubex solutions are all methodology driven, based on stronger search and delivered in a manner that is efficient. Inqubex, deploys small agile teams to deliver solutions within committed
timelines. Inqubex sees itself as a Key Account Management business with good quality clients, executing excellent work making the clients call back for more work.

The biggest success of Inqubex is that almost 80% of its business is repeat business from satisfied clients. This is very high from an industry stand point. Inqubex was set up with the mindset, that the clients should have a different experience of working with credible consultants without being over commercially inclined and the consultants working as extensions of the internal HR teams. Our way of working is like consultants bringing best practices and at the same time working alongside internal teams to make these best practices implementable for clients says Nitin Dheer.

Simplifying HR Management With Future Focused HR Tech
Moreover, HR advisory is industry agnostic as every organization has HR, so Inqubex works across different industries such as financial services, retail, consumer goods, media & entertainment, IT & communications, and many more. Also, the company works with a lot of social sector companies. The team operates from Delhi NCR, Mumbai and UAE. Inqubex is a small and agile team of approx. fifteen consultants from best institutions like XLRI, IIM and Symbiosis. The company tries to hire people who have worked in internal HR, as they understand the clients' problem better and also young talent which leads to an energetic, hard-working and efficient team. Further, this leads to lots of idea with flexible and mobile delivery at the top level of quality.

Inqubex started doing a number of HR analytics plug and play assignments for its customers in 2019.It started working on a methodology to go into the HR tech arena and 2020 accelerated the journey. The next phase for Inqubex is a set of HR Tech solution swith four innovative products looking at different elements of HR problems that can be solved. These will be launched by the start of the next financial year. The company is looking forward to executing a whole portfolio of cloud based tools focussing on Organization productivity, employee experience (Ex), market benchmarking of HR policies and processes, as well as People Assessment. The company will be working towards becoming a HR tech player with a set of plug and play, cloud based solutions which organizations can use for solving day to day HR problems .All of these solutions would be supported by a team of very good consultants.

The future of HR Advisorylies in tech enabled solutions supported by best in class advisors. We are hoping to take a similar route in the coming 4 to 5 years to become primarilyan HR tech player with a strong backbone of consulting and advisory concludes Nitin Dheer.