INRacing: The Pioneers of Motorsports & eSports Realm

Deepak P Chinnappa & Sumukha Rao,Co-FoundersThe Indian motorsport industry has existed for more than five decades, but it is over recent years that this sport has picked up steam and created interest nationwide. Also, the global eSports market is gaining momentum and is expected to grow with a CAGR of nearly 20 percent to cross $3 billion by the end of 2025. However, as a country, we are not able to nurture the talent which is available in India and take it to the international levels. There is a need to recognize and groom such talent and take them up the ladder. "Currently, there is no such structured medium through which a potential race driver can grow. And this is when INRacing a pioneer in eSport (Motorsports) innovations in India steps in with the dexterity to put this structure in place. The company is in a sweet spot not only to nurture the drivers but also to be the leader in India's eSpots market," says Sumukha Rao. INRacing is the only company in the world whose unparalleled expertise lies in offering the entire spectrum starting from sim frame manufacturing, eSports, on-track driver training, driver management, sports fitness, and event management under one roof. The company is selling its eSport Magic Sim Frames to the potential racers countrywide that fit nicely into space and
pocket. Today, INRacing is India's first commercial racing simulator frame manufacturing company, which has captured the imagination of people and the market.

INRacing is India's first commercial racing simulator frame manufacturing company, which has captured the imagination of people and the market

INRacing made its debut in 2019 with a mission to find, develop, nurture, and build nextgen racers from the India subcontinent. The bootstrapped company is going the extra mile to encourage millions of auto racing enthusiasts to give eSport and simulator a shot and help them turn a hobby into a passion and keep them on the edge. Achieving their ambition of racing by bringing the affordability of eSports in the mix is INRacing's prime motive. It also aims to take individuals from sim racing to National Racing Championships and international racing events. "Motorsports isn't cheap and takes a lot of time and money. Training on the simulator is a more viable option than going ontrack to experiment. eSport is the stepping stone for many to be groomed as nextgen racers. With over two decades of combined experience in Motorsports, we have experienced these challenges and decided to start INRacing, says Deepak P Chinnappa, Founder & Director, INRacing.

With technology evolving faster, INRacing is always on its toes to implement newer and the best to bring in a premium experience. Professional race car drivers are participating in these events globally, and therefore the company is building a team that intends to bring international drivers to complete with Indian drivers giving them the experience and insights to improve. The market is huge and split into varioussegments including colleges, corporates, individuals, existing eSport racers, and many others. INRacing has a well prepared strategy to address each one of these and bring it together to make this a mega event year-on-year in India similar to IPL. With a 10 percent growth every month, the company has successfully sold its simulator frames to individuals and companies. There are discussions at IOC to include eSports as a medal sport in the 2024 Olympic Games and INRacing intends to help India win medals. Forging ahead with other plans in the pipeline the Bangalore based company is designing formats for different markets to expand and extend its reach that will fit specific segment needs.