Inssemble Technologies: A Specialist Providing Services around Banking & Cloud Efficiently

Neeraj Baluni, Co-Founder & Director,Anmol Singh, Co-Founder & Director

Neeraj Baluni, Co-Founder & Director

Anmol Singh, Co-Founder & Director

Financial services organizations are working hard to keep up the pace with dynamic market conditions and new customer's expectations, but the biggest challenge bothering the IT leaders and C-suite executives today is not the same as yesteryears. Is it the changing market landscape? Is it the evolution of Cloud, AI, or ML? Well! It could be one or all of them. Thus, to build a healthy business, every enterprise is looking for trusted IT services around the banking domain and trusted technology partners who have the dexterity of taking your business to new heights. If your organization is for a hunt to find services around Banking and Cloud, then Inssemble Technologies Pvt. Ltd. brings an end to your exploration. Inssemble was formed by a highly experienced team with vast IT experience in Banking (Cards & Payments) and MS Cloud (O365 & Azure).

Founded in 2019 in Pune, Inssemble offers solutions dealing with financial transactions (ATM operations) daily, which has always been at the complex level as it must stick with the PCI compliances. The company is gradually moving towards complete O365 suite of solutions including Digital Transformation, Cloud Migration, and Share-Point, where it will focus on business use cases (Employee Self Service, Team & Project Management, Employee File
Management Systems, Analytics & Data Visualization using Power BI and Tableau, and more). Presently, Inssemble is working on `Cash Forecasting' product for ATMs ­ a widely asked service with an accuracy of 95 per cent. It is working in collaboration with existing teams with similar products and would leverage and reduce the cost of cash. It follows an agile methodology and client-orientated delivery model to deliver quality products efficiently and consistently. The team is well-versed with the Scrum framework through various tools like JIRA and Azure DevOps that give clients a clear picture of the current activities and challenges daily. Currently, Inssemble is growing with the world's leading clients like FCTI (U.S.) and Seven Bank (Japan).

Presently, Inssemble is working on `Cash Forecasting' product for ATMs ­ a widely asked service with an accuracy of 95 percent

Facing Challenges Head-on
Growing transactional data is a continual challenge, and the response time required by the ATM operations team is mostly instant. Cost to manage ATM's is increasing day-by-day, and with thousands of ATMs shutting down, there is utmost need to maintain a minimum cost. The system needs to be secured with the latest security norms and parameters. Hackers are emerging in innovative ways, and hence fraud detection and management become one of the crucial elements in the banking industry. Inssemble is dealing with these challenges head-on by keeping its team updated with the latest security standards and guidelines. It has been separating transactional and archival data to deal with the response time, which also helps in visualizing the data for analytics and fore-casting dashboards for the CIO and CEOs.

While the company is dealing with the growing use cases, it can't be bound to any specific technologies/language of choice. To handle that, it has been building and identifying the service/REST API model and framework wherever required. At last, the agile way of working is helping Inssemble to work closely with the client's team in a highly collaborative way. "We started with nominal investment along with a stable client project in hand. Since then, the revenue has been increasing on an average of 50 percent per quarter. We are hoping to continue our journey with a stable growth by including AI and ML solutions," Anmol Singh, Co-Founder & Director, Inssemble. Inssemble encourages flexibility in the workplace, and building trust within the team has done wonders for the company. With various plans in the pipeline, Inssemble is planning to launch O365 products this year as its marketing strategy. It is also planning to expand globally.