Instatenders Solutions: Enhancing Visibility in Procurement & Optimizing Supply Chain Process

  V Sivanathan,   Chief Procurement Office

V Sivanathan

Chief Procurement Office

The procurement and supply chain solution market in India is witnessing a significant upward trend, driven by several key growth factors. The rapid digitization of businesses, the increasing adoption of e-commerce, and the demand for streamlined supply chain operations are primary drivers. Additionally, a focus on cost optimization and efficiency is fueling the market's expansion. The COVID-19 pandemic has further accelerated the adoption of digital procurement and supply chain solutions, making it a promising sector for continued growth in India.

INSTATENDERS is a notable player in this landscape, offering innovative procurement and supply chain aggregation services to a diverse clientele, ranging from large enterprises to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). INSTATENDERS core mission revolves around the automation of procurement processes and the optimization of inventory management, making it a trusted partner for businesses seeking operational efficiency.

The INSTATENDERS platform seamlessly manages the end-to-end procurement journey, encompassing everything from initial customer RFQs to the final material delivery. This includes customer master data codification, purchase orders, invoicing, supplier PR to PO processing, Quote comparisons, negotiations, and PO placement. Within the inventory domain, the platform enables customer specific codification, stock maintenance, and
reconciliation, enhancing transparency and control. In the sales module, INSTATENDERS provides an integrated customer order management feature, further simplifying the process for clients. Its holistic platform empowers organizations engaged in both outbound and inbound supply chains, offering real-time tracking of store inventory, customer requests, and deliveries. Beyond the platform, INSTATENDERS offers procurement services designed to streamline processes, improve control, and ensure seamless delivery, including the management of rejections and replacements. Its expertise further extends to inventory management services, optimized for annual contracts, focusing particularly on fast moving and MRO items.

Driven by a commitment to quality and timely delivery, INSTATENDERS has developed its inhouse platform, which has revolutionized traditional procurement methods. This platform optimizes the Service Request to Delivery process within defined timelines, ensuring swift and efficient material and service procurement. It prioritizes customer engagement and feedback through regular meetings and channels, ensuring services meet and exceed expectations. “We offer a holistic approach to the supply chain process, focusing on the entire procure-to-delivery process, combining technology with people to provide effective processes management. This approach streamlines operations and optimizes the total cost of ownership for clients”, adds V Sivanathan, Chief Procurement Officer.

Founded in 2019 by industry veterans with nearly two decades of experience, INSTATENDERS faced the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic but emerged stronger by adapting to customer needs and expanding its services. Today, the company collaborates with large enterprises domestically as well as internationally, spanning various sectors such as automotive, FMCG, auto ancillaries, fertilizer, and chemicals. It is also actively exploring partnerships for global expansion in procurement and inventory-related services. By concentrating on customer satisfaction and delivering on promises, the company built a strong foundation for continued growth. With an order book exceeding 150 million, INSTATENDERS is committed to realizing these projects to drive revenue growth. Over the next three years, the company plans to leverage technology to revolutionize procurement for SMEs and large enterprises in India, introducing an IT platform coupled with procurement services to make inventory management more agile and appealing to the manufacturing sector.

INSTATENDERS, with its innovative solutions and customer-centric approach, is poised to play a pivotal role in shaping the future of procurement and supply chain management in India and beyond. As it continues to expand its footprint, the company remains dedicated to delivering excellence and value to its clients.