Institution Government Approved Valuers (IGAV): Promoting Excellence & Fairness in Valuation

  Dr. S. N. Bansal,     PresidentIn India, the field of valuation has a respected professional organization in the form of the Institution of Government Approved Valuers (IGAV), whose mission is to advance the industry and ensure uniform standards. The International Group of Accredited Valuers is an organization that promotes high standards of professionalism and equality in the valuation industry by providing guidelines, training, and certification to professionals in the field.

The company is under the guidance of Dr. S. N. Bansal who is a highly accomplished professional with extensive experience in the field of land surveying, valuation, and infrastructure development. He has made significant contributions to the industry and has received numerous awards and accolades for his work. With a strong educational background and diverse qualifications, Dr. Bansal has established himself as a renowned expert in his field.

Creating Awareness & Providing Guidance
Dr.Bansal's journey in the Institution of Government Approved Valuers (IGAV)began in 2002 when he became a founder member. Subsequently, he assumed the role of President on January 3, 2022. The institution, registered under the Societies Registration Act XXI of 1860, has been actively functioning from its premises located in New Delhi.

Furthermore, IGAV has undertaken significant projects, including the valuation of 131 properties for Delhi P.W.D., Government of Delhi, under a single contract. The institution is also a member of the Pan India Valuers Federation, a testament to its standing in the industry.
Dr. Bansal's expertise extends beyond his role in IGAV. He serves as a visiting faculty member at the Institution of Valuers, Institution of Surveyors, Noida International University, and Heritage Academy: Indian National Trust for Art and Cultural Heritage(INTECH). He is also an examiner for the final examination of building & quantity surveyors at the Institution of Surveyors.

Being an ISO 9001:2015 certified valuer & surveyor, Dr. Bansal upholds the highest standards of professional practice. He actively contributes to the development of the industry and is a member of the National Building Code of India 2016, representing the Institute of Surveyors (India). He also earned the certificate of Gold Appraiser from MSME in 2015.

Dr. Bansal's contributions extend beyond his professional endeavors. He participated in the conference on 'Land Pooling Policy of MPD 2021, Vision for Smart Delhi' in 2014 and has been associated with the district disaster management authorities of both west and south Delhi as an associate expert. He has been recognized in various publications, including Mint and the Hindustan Times, where interviews with him have been featured.

Professional Background
With an impressive educational background, Dr. Bansal holds double M. Tech degrees in highway & transportation engineering and transportation engineering. He also has a Ph.D. in management, double MBA degrees in HR and disaster management, and P.G. Diplomas in business management (marketing) and construction management. He is a chartered engineer and holds a degree in architectural engineering.

Dr. Bansal's extensive professional experience spans over 45 years, with 30 years dedicated to land surveying & valuation in India, USSR, Nepal, the Middle East, Thailand, Bhutan and Malaysia. He has worked on various projects, including urban expressways, metro rail systems, universities, power plants, and heritage building conservation.

A side from his professional engagements, Dr. Bansal has authored numerous articles and publications on a wide range of topics, such as environmental auditing, geo-environmental impacts, kinematic surveying, urbanization, remote sensing, and valuation methods. His contributions have been recognized internationally, with his inclusion in the International Who's Who of Professionals in 1998 and being illuminated as a leading professional in 2012 by the International Biographical Centre, Cambridge, England.

Hence, Dr. S. N. Bansal is a highly accomplished professional with a wealth of experience in land surveying, valuation, and infrastructure development. He is an active member of Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS), London. His contributions to the field have earned him prestigious awards and recognition. With his leadership as the President of IGAV and his extensive knowledge in the industry, Dr. Bansal continues to make significant contributions to the profession and the development of the sector.