Instrovate: Improving Employability

Akriti Lal,  Director
With business operations being completely dependable on Data Analytics, it has become very important for organizations to endow their staffs with the ability to understand data and derive worthy insights from it. The constant development taking place in the technological sphere has introduced many latest applications which if incorporated can generate wondrous results for an institution. This entailment has made it necessary for companies to settle on the arrangements of instructors who can help their employees get wise to the fact of Data, sciences and technologies. Observing the need of the hour, Gurugram based training institute, Instrovate has been dispensing topquality corporate training in Data Analytics and Data Visualization using tools like Microsoft Power BI, Tableau, Looker, Sisense. These training helps companies to have a team that is well informed about the state-of-the-art machineries which when availed can bring lucrative growth and prosperity for them. "We impart teaching about the present day technology that has the potentiality to dominate the advancement of a business. Apart from the ones mentioned above we also educate about Cloud Data Warehouse and Data Lakes on Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform(GCP), AWS, like HD Insight, Data Bricks, Google Big Query and many such topics," says the Founder.
Technology being the soul ideal behind Instrovate aims at employing the power of technology to enhance employability. It fulfils its objective through its various training sessions which come under Academic, Corporate, Online, Self training and Consulting services. In each of these services it makes sure to infuse the following theories such as Data Visualization, Data Analysis, Digital Marketing, Data Science & Agile Methodologies. "Through each of the professional trainings we conduct, we try our level best to take technology to each and every one and enable its use for the maximal benefit. For e.g. We have been training on AI Insights, Cognitive Services & Machine Learning Model in Power BI Services where you don't need to write a single line of and still can use AI , BI on your data set's to gain Insights," explains the Founder.

Instrovate is all geared up to train workforce of both the IT and non-IT sectors

The Advancements
In a span of two years, the company has earned to it self the opportunity of delivering corporate trainings to Fortune 500 companies like Abbott, AON, PepsiCo, NCR, Clifford Chance, GRI, TOI, Fidelity, Bajaj and others. It has expanded its presence across major provinces such as Gurgaon, Noida, Pune, Mumbai, and Sri Lanka. Along with its geographical expansion, Instrovate has observed radical growth and stability in terms of revenue and clients. "We can proudly say that we have developed some of the best training and consulting offerings from Module specific trainings to User Group Specific training, we have made arrangement for everything.

The Way Ahead
For the upcoming times, Instrovate is all geared up to train workforce of both the IT and non-IT sectors. Its main intention is to preach about the power of Data and the kind of impact it can have on the day to day endeavours of the companies. It is to concentrate on enhances its current offerings and add a few more services on its service list. In the main, it aims to reach the pinnacle and be the best training institute in India and across the globe. "The future is bright and we will make it brighter. We will expand ourselves in every aspect. And to make it possible we are on the process of hiring new talents and equipping them with present day tools and technologies in order to meet the growing expectations," the Founder concludes.