Interactbot: Digital Transformation through Conversation

Tom Vaknin & Itzik Gini,,Co-FoundersIt was around 2016. Considering the need of large enterprises pertaining to customer engagement and retention in the coming years, Itzik Gini and Tom Vaknin
zeroed in upon creating a chatbot solution for enterprises that would bring the power of AI into businesses. “Our previous working experiences with large enterprises and implementing new technologies fuelled
us to design and develop our own solution to assist enterprises overcome challenges they experience while implementing new technologies. During 2017, we understood the large potential and vested a major focus on development and creating a user friendly platform, which we envisioned would position us ahead of our competitors,” speaks Itzik. This marked the beginning of Interactbot.
As the chatbot sector is constantly growing and changing, there are many competitors offering similar solutions that are comparatively cheaper. Additionally, even large enterprises are developing solutions in-house. This has created a necessity for Interactbot to constantly up the game and strive to develop quality solutions. “In several cases, there were companies that opted for cheaper solutions; some even tried
developing in-house solutions. However, after several months when their expectations failed to match the reality, they came back to us and were more than happy to pay full price against our services,” he says.
Team Interactbot leaves no stone unturned to consistently deliver the best possible outcomes to their customers. The system designed by the company helps enterprises seamlessly surmount the challenges they
encounter. Throwing light on the solution, Itzik asserts, “Our solution has the ability to integrate and connect to all existing connectors and can support all of an organization's APIs to retrieve relevant data on an expeditious basis. This requires us to always be at the edge of our seat and feel the market to better understand our customers’ needs, our competitors and standing out in the crowd. We have recently added a new feature to our solution, which enables our users to independently create digital forms by conversing with a chatbot. This eliminates
the time-consuming and wasteful steps of printing the file, using a pen to fill out and sign the form, then scanning and re-uploading the file for return sending, this is real digital transformation.”
An Edge over Others
Initially, when Interactbot was set up, its strategy was based on targeting large companies. Although there was less recognition in the beginning because of the dominance of the big players in the market, the company eventually set strong footprints and carved a niche. “We began implementing our solutions internally and
this opened the door to some of our
biggest projects till date with the largest financial institutions & telecom companies in Israel. At present, we are also working closely with government agencies and are expanding our solution to smaller companies,” informs Itzik.

Interactbot’s solution has the ability to integrate and connect to all existing connectors and can support all of an organization's APIs to retrieve relevant data on an expeditious basis

When talking about growth, Interactbot, as a self-sufficient company has raised a minor seed funding in the first months of incorporation. Currently, the team strength is that of 20+. It has recently opened offices in the UK to head its global expansion and is also working with global partners in the USA, EMEA & Europe
that are selling & implementing its solution.
Team Interactbot is hopeful about carrying out a road show soon and raise funding to strengthen its development and sales teams. “We believe that we can have a major positive impact on sectors such as
FinTech, InsureTech, Healthcare, Customer Services, Government, Mobility. Hence, we will focus our efforts there. “We intend to tailor our solution for specific sectors by addressing their core challenges and making our solution stand out,”Itzik smiles.