Interazzo .Com: Standardized Customized Branded Interiors

Himanshu Arora & Priyanka Mehta,Co-FoundersInterior design, in the recent times has picked up the pace in spite of being under the impression of a luxurious expenditure since inception. This change hasn't come overnight; it's been taking place radically for the past decade. There are various factors like smart homes, the influence of social media platforms and the drastic change in Indian lifestyle that has led to this extreme upsurge. Indians, especially the youth have become keen and choosy as home owners. Moreover, thanks to the booming entertainment and fashion industry, they are also experiencing an influence of different cultures and lifestyles. They are travelling to many places, working with people of different nationalities, cultures, and favoring the fusion and versatility in their interior design. Due to the evident growth in the income and purchasing power of the Indians, there has been and shift in their lifestyle as well. Chasing the aspired way of life many people do not mind spending extra on Premium wardrobes. Things like a bathtub, separate shower unit, open kitchen, balcony garden, and kitchen chimneys have become common, which were never a part of Indian lifestyle earlier. Also, these things no more fall under the luxurious category.

Thankfully a few innovative designers are leading the charge in understanding the potential. These designing companies are proving that creating a coherent, polished yet personalized aesthetic no longer requires an expert eye, bundles of free time or a hefty disposable income but endless inspiration and access, a lot more choices, variety and experimentation. The companies in the space buoyed by huge growth opportunities are simultaneously investing in technologies like augmented reality and handholding customers to design theme-based homes. The ones which have truly entered the decor game are disrupting the conventional interior designing market.

Ideally fitting into the picture is Bangalore based, one of India’s first standardized, customized branded, technology led home design company. Interazzo is a new concept in the interior space that has made quality interiors easy and affordable. As a part of its service, the company designs spaces with standardized, branded, customized solutions. Besides, the service guarantees free doorstep visit for confirmation design and installation making it extremely convenient and hassle free to semifurnish the house. With this, Interazzo has made immediate access to semifurnished market to provide quality interiors at unmatched price.

The Beginning
Most entrepreneurs don’t begin their journey by falling in love with the problem they begin by falling in love with the solution. That is to say, it is not as common to find someone who sat down and thought, “What business should I start?” Rather, the majority of entrepreneurs recognize a problem that exists and builds their business around a solution. Whether this is a problem they have personally experienced, or something their friends, family, or those in their current industry wish they had access to. The story of stems out of a personal experience of Himanshu Arora. It was in 2015 when Himanshu was getting his interiors done and it didn’t turn out quite well. During this time, he observed that the sector was fairly unorganized and there were a lot of loopholes in terms of material quality, timely delivery, and final execution. Moreover, there was hardly any value of commitment and committed people as far as work was concerned. He sensed this wide gap in the industry and decided to bridge this by offering turnkey interior design services that could cover everything from design, to procurement of materials, to executing the designs on site. This marked the beginning of Interazzo. “When we started, there were already established players in the market and our idea was to stand out in the crowd. We first focused on housing a sound execution team and took up our very first project for one of our clients. We ensured them to deliver seamless, unique and timeless spatial experiences and did well. This further encouraged us to engage in more projects,” speaks Himanshu.

With opportunities came challenges. The bigger the challenge, the bigger the opportunity for growth! The initial defy that Interazzo had to encounter was that of finding a good vendor who could supply it quality materials at affordable prices. The founding team chose to rely on Greenply, Greenlam, Hettich, and Hafele/Blum to directly get the material supplies. This helped them eliminate the hassles of any middlemen, reduce purchase cost and also acquire certified quality materials. Besides this, the other challenge was to find increased blue collar workers to meet their preset norms. “It was really challenging because we had a set of norms based on which he wanted to employ. The idea was that whoever became a part of team Inteazzo should rightly represent the company’s policy and ethics. This took us some time. Currently, we have around 80 people deployed in execution team and 20 in design and project management,” informs Himanshu.

The Convenience of Functionality & Enhanced Aesthetic Appeal
Most people believe that hiring interior designers during the construction of the house is the most beneficial thing. In such cases, it’s easier for customers to coordinate with the designers who can bring in innovative designs and also make room for future renovations in interiors. At Interazzo, the team of designers strives to convert numerous homes from simple four walled structures into spatially efficient spaces that meet the individual requirements of their owners. “If you’re bored of the modern interior designs of your home and wish to give a complete makeover with contemporary interior designs; you can count on us to execute such a transformation,” asserts Priyanka Mehta, Director,

We have floor to ceiling wardrobes in terms of plywood itself whereas competition says more than 8 feet height of wardrobe is not possible because there are no such boards available in the market

To maintain a smooth flow of communication with the clients, the team before taking on any project openly discusses the client’s preferences, the limitations and the budget. They maintain a fair pricing policy for every client. Throwing light on the same, Priyanka says, “Our pricing doesn't change with the potential of the customer. Right from the day one when the customer interacts with us, we provide them ready quotations which we plan as per the size of their house. We have 2BHK, 3 BHK, 4 BHK ready quotations in different categories which comes under basic, prime and prime plus categories. When they tell us what they are looking for then we make our customized quotation as per their space.

Also, we follow one pricing policy that gives them the confidence that they are quoted the right price.” The team leaves no stone unturned to get living spaces converted into pieces of artwork, with an interior designer’s flair for creativity and art.

When it comes to material purchasing, the company has a set of standardized materials. The Greenply products come with a warranty card of 21 years which is made available to the customers as well. For hardware, Interazzo has tie ups with a German brand which helps it to directly operate without any. “We even reduce our purchase cost with this. All the hardware that we use is clearly visible to our customer and the plywood which is used inside comes with a warranty card with it,” she adds.

The Next Best Thing!
Interazzo currently operates in Bangalore and Chennai and aims to expand its presence in Pune and Hyderabad in the near future. In terms of revenue, it plans to grow 7-8 percent every month and that is what they are working on. Over the years, it has completed 350+ projects. Recently, it has been awarded by Hafele for delivering well-crafted kitchens. The company keeps a flat working structure keeping creativity at the core. There’s a lot of brainstorming sessions that takes place before creating designs. “We have created a very niche market for ourselves where we deliver more of functional aspects rather than decoration. We do optimized stuff which not many are aware of. We also believe in innovation. So, we have floor to ceiling wardrobes in terms of plywood itself whereas competition says more than eight feet height of wardrobe is not possible because there are no such boards available in the market. But we have overcome that and we have made something of our own,” smiles Himanshu and Priyanka.

Interazzo has always worked upon in terms of functionality, in terms of not outsourcing anything to anyone, having everything inhouse in terms of materials till the production, the execution and the delivery which has resulted in little flow of growth when compared with other online players. Considering the developments, the future of Interazzo looks equally bright.

Himanshu Arora, Founder & CEO
With an engineering background, Himanshu has significant industry experience. Under his leadership, Interazzo has become India's first standardized, Branded, Budget, Technology-led home-design company.

Priyanka Mehta, Director
Priyanka completed her MBA in Finance & Marketing from MS Ramaiah Institute of Management. She joined Interazzo in 2018 as the Director. Under her impeccable management, the company has achieved greater heights of success.

Modular Kitchens
A simple term used for the modern day kitchen furniture layout which is especially designed to optimize functionality and the use of space. These kitchens use various modules (units) of cabinets that are crafted out of diverse materials and hold kitchen accessories inside

Modern Wardrobes
Bedroom wardrobes are a must have for every home. From clothes and accessories to home linen , files, and jewellery, wardrobes house our essentials. So, get a wardrobe that best suits your space and storage needs. Explore our wardrobe configurations at Quick Wardrobes or book a Design Consultation at your Home.

Entertainment Unit
An entertainment unit ties up all those loose ends in your living room, and if you prefer chilling out in the bedroom you’ll find it very convenient. Entertainment units provide storage space; keep control over your speakers, CDs and more, while at the same time bringing style and class to your interiors.

False Ceiling
Ceilings offer the largest unobstructed view of a room and are the first thing people notice when they enter a house. As a result, the ceiling is an important element of room design and defines its aesthetics. Since a ceiling has a large surface area, it plays an important role in the acoustic and thermal comfort of a room

Client Testimonials
1.Nagraj Krish
“For our villa, we wanted a minimalist and contemporary design . After a fairly intense search, where we met a few interior designers, we finalized with Interazzo. Assurance of usage of quality raw materials (they put the material they will use right in the estimate) and insights offered by founder Himanshu was what helped us make the decision. We were lucky to have gone with Interazzo. The hands-on approach of Himanshu, the professionalism of supervisor Ramesh and the dedicated team delivered our dream home. I must particularly call out their eye for details and meticulous planning. As can be expected, there were few hitches, but Himanshu personally got involved and resolved them. I have worked with few other interior specialists in the past. No one comes close to delivering a perfect product as Interazoo. I have no hesitation in recommending Interazzo. You just cannot go wrong with them. With their dedication, and Himanshu's commitment to customer satisfaction, Interazzo will soon be India's #1 Interior Decoration Company - I am willing to bet on that!”

2.Vartika Tewari
“We got to hear about Interazzo last year, post visiting few of the designing solutions here in Bangalore, we visited Interazzo. The value which is given to a customer here is really commendable, it was a super hot summer day here when we visited their office, but Priyanka(one of the owners) who was down with high fever, made sure that she reaches on time for our booked appointment. Offering us the comfort of a friendly place, she gave us all her time to solve all our queries and provided us the best solutions. Soon after that day’s discussion, our first draft of quotation came in two days, trust me the quote seemed legitimate unlike the high priced quotes from others here in town. Our work was promised in 45 days of time, keeping in mind of our urgency to shift to our abode, we got the project in time as promised. The project commenced with best in class products not compromising on the quality of them, we did have changes and their agile model of working really helped us to have the best of solutions. We are really happy with their delivery date, their workers are also very helpful, the owners both Himashu and Priyanka are just a phone call away to solve the issues, also not all the service providers give an excellent after sales service, but Interazzo has been helping us even post their project delivery. Thank you so much for all the help! This place is highly recommended and a one stop solution for your dream home.”