SensoVision Systems: Maneuvering Connected World towards the Age of ‘Intelligence of Things’

Vikram Jain,FounderDo you have a smart camera at home that you control with your smartphone, and then check the entire video once you are back from work? If so, then you have a smart camera but not a sensible one that can sense the vision and tell the day’s story through 30 minutes stream byte. Because it is something that SensoVision Systems – a Bangalore-based technology consulting and development start-up – is offering to the world of IoT, converting Internet of Things to Intelligence of Things. A server ported on indoor surveillance cameras, SensoVision’s Viz Smart collects important notes from the video through intrusion detection, face detection and face recognition to create the small byte. With an ability to be interfaced with any cameras in the market, the platform rolls out many options to choose from and use them as per the application. It is specifically designed around residential, office, industrial and commercial needs.

The Birth Story
The number of connected devices
are predicted to increase from 10billion now to 50 billion by 2020. But the bigger question is, are these connected devices intelligent yet? While the network gives you the power to control them even from a remote place, it fails to add real value by thinking independently to guide people to tackle the situation systematically. On the other hand, while working as a DRDO scientist, Vikram Jain (Founder) found a huge gap of transfer of research into the product. With the mission to bridge this gap, Vikram aligned with Akash Dhamasia to father SensoVision in 2015 with a prime focus on sensors and computer vision.

Shielding its offerings, SensoVision adheres to MQTT authoritative network protocol, Mac authorization and such others, depending on the applications

“Our ultimate goal is to deploy machine learning on the smart devices. We deploy sensors with the vision to make them detect patterns or situations and adjust their own actions,” explains Vikram. In the initial days, eying at service-based projects, the company developed numbers of prototypes to showcase its capability extending from IoT, to computer vision, embedded systems, media streaming and intelligent drones, which are
customized according to the needs of its clients spread across varied sectors. And despite seeming disparate, each category is interconnected and complements each other.

Accentuating the Strengths

Poised to ride the next waves of IoT, SensoVision specializes in providing home automation, wearable and security devices, which cover smart plug & switches, cost-effective weight machine, sensor suit and GPS tracker, all designed to re-write the norms of intelligence. For instance, its Traffic-Master, which provides video analytical solutions, is a server ported on outdoor surveillance cameras, which facilitates traffic monitoring, vehicle characteristic recording and pedestrian detection. Shielding its offerings, the company adheres to MQTT authoritative network protocol, Mac authorization and such others, depending on the applications.

The engine behind engineering such lucrative innovations is a growing team of five experts and the free and non-hierarchical work culture that binds them. Encouraging innovation, the company is driven by the self-motivation of employees, who bank on the technology exposure they get through working on such projects, regular knowledge sharing sessions and national as well as international conferences. Foreseeing itself as a product supplier, this B2B service enabler aims to explore B2C services soon and is looking forward for potential investors to support their future endeavors.