Newsbulb: Redefining How We Consume News

Ankit Agrawal,Co-Founder & CEO

Ankit Agrawal

Co-Founder & CEO

Knowing what is happening around the world daily, is now more important than ever. Most of us these days read news on our phones. However, in this age of multi tasking, won't it be great if we can get our news, without spending any extra time & without any strain on our eyes? NewsBulb has taken news consumption to the next level, by not just breaking language stereotypes, but by truly revolutionizing how the news is consumed.

Being India's first Audio short news mobile application, NewsBulb delivers quick bite sized news daily. It takes pride on factors like its application's ease of use, offering news that is only facts, and objective analysis and by steering away from opinions. One of the most important factors that NewsBulb has leveraged on, is its inclination to quality first. NewsBulb provides news that can be easily consumed while being engaged in any other activity, like driving, walking, jogging, traveling, working out or cooking, that too in your own vernacular language. More so, uneducated and differently abled people, who cannot read, can still consume NewsBulb. Keeping the editor's perspective & opinions out, NewsBulb only provides objective who, when, what, where and why based analysis. One can be rest assured to not find negative, demoralizing, politically motivated or any
useless news in the app. Unlike other media outlets, NewsBulb creates on average just 40 news items daily, focusing on quality rather than quantity.

NewsBulb's founders are alumni of reputed institutes like IIM-C, BITS, XLRI, BIT Mesra & NMIMS Mumbai. The idea that laid the foundation to NewsBulb was the result of a need to have an app where a person could `listen' to short news on the go. The team brainstormed and deduced that the news that was available seemed to be fraught with negativity and had political undertones. For English & Hindi language, there were still a few short news Apps, but none for a broad vernacular base.

Sharing insights on the initial works, Manan Maheshwari, Co-Founder of NewsBulb says, "On conducting a primary survey, we found that almost all the respondents shared this pessimism of media outlets, which eventually led us to develop NewsBulb as a solution. We onboarded 10,000+ Beta users over last 1 year and kept on making incremental changes to NewsBulb, to finally be where we are today, basis the love and feedback of our users".

NewsBulb taps into news network of 100+ authentic sources the world over. The firm's proprietary AI captures the unique news from these networks and compiles objective information towards each news. Post this, the editors at NewsBulb handpick specific news and create their summaries after looking at multiple articles in public domain, hence eliminating possibility of fake news. The entire News goes through eight checks at various stages, to ensure factual accuracy, authenticity and absence of bias, post which the news is approved for a release.

The Figures Speak Volumes
NewsBulb has grown at an explosive 255 percent each month over the last quarter to reach 50,000 unique Monthly Active Users over its App and Web. Since inception, NewsBulb has succeeded in amassing 35K+ downloads, with very limited marketing and serves 600K+ news requests each month. News Bulb's users are spending at an average of over 14 minutes on the App daily. Its Play store rating is 4.6/5 basis 200+ reviews and 5/5 on Apple store, basis 70+ reviews, with most reviews appreciating the application extensively for the innovative concept and clean editorials. Having near perfected the product, NewsBulb aims to reach a number of 100K+ downloads within next three months and 1M+ downloads within a year. Plans are underway to add Marathi, Bengali and Gujarati languages, based on popular demand, to target a larger vernacular base.