Invisible Bed: Space Saving Solutions Seamlessly Integrated with Interiors

Prashanth H & Team        ,Co-Founders'Necessity is the mother of inventions'- a proverb that is the driving force behind the conceptualization of Invisible bed. The founders - Prashanth H and Kiran K G - free spirited entrepreneurs were hindered by the furniture that cluttered their living space. They sought for but failed to find total space saving solutions that seamlessly integrated with their interiors. They then zeroed in on a helping service to solve everyday problems in the household. This helping service was named as Invisible bed.

Throwing light on, Prashanthexplicates, “We had a 360sq.ft. studio apartment in Bangalore. Since the space was limited, we required multi-functional furniture but found nothing that fit the bill. We designed and built a wall-bed and a wall table. Friends and neighbors who saw it were floored and that got us started.”

Since then,Invisible Bed has had a rewarding growth and has met a lot of its customers’needs with its space saving solutions. The company at present offers various
multifunctional space saving furniture and interiors that not only saves space but are very durable and provide the same functionality as the regular furniture which they have received patent. Prashanth says, “Our work philosophy revolves round the perfect combination of aesthetics, optimization and ultimately comfort. We are among the few interior companies in India that provide customers maximum living space through our products like the invisible beds and iTables series. We have less than 5 percent service calls and our products are available all over India.”

"Team Invisible bed works with the viewpoint of shrinking the biggest piece of furniture that occupies most space at homes to enable clients to pursue their passions at home and live better"

Space Saving Solutions
Team Invisible bed works with the viewpoint of shrinking the biggest piece of furniture that occupies most space at homes. “We wanted to give more living space for our customers to make space for their passions, be in their kids dance practice, playroom or learning an instrument, home office or yoga room. All these take space and hence shrinking the biggest furniture made a lot of sense. Keeping space in mind, we started designing beds and next we designed the tables that occupied zero floor space when not in use,” he informs.

The products have lot of moving parts and come with powerful hydraulics mechanism “We have kept Hydraulic Lift Assist System(HLAS)at the heart of
invisible beds as we have designed this from scratch keeping in mind the raw materials that are available locally and the Indian way of using our products. The system helps the user lift the bed and put in down very comfortably without much effort. Without this system, space-saving the bed would need at least 3 people to lift it,”he mentions.

The Strategies directing a Positive Growth
Invisible Beds has recorded a growth of more than 50 percent YoY. At the start, the services were limited to Bangalore, now with more and more enquires from all over India, it has began catering its products outside Bangalore as well. The company has gained customers across India over the years and is reaching new cities every year. “We also do B2B sales through and have our products installed in their experience centers in Bangalore and Mumbai. Soon we will be installing on in other cities as well,”he avers.

As a free-spirited company, Invisible Bed wishes to grow at their own pace and build a strong foundation first before it scales its operations further.“We believe we are creating a new vertical in the furniture segment and there needs to be a mindset change of the customers who want to use our products. This concept is relatively new in India and it will take some time before space optimizing furniture becomes a default option for every house. We will be there when this happens,”smiles Prashanth.