Iorta Technology Solutions: A Peek Inside the Company's Winning Culture

Easwar Murthy, Founder & CEO

Easwar Murthy

Founder & CEO

Every company wants to increase sales, but not all of them have the necessary tools. There are a ton of sales tools on the market, and no company has unlimited resources to test them all to find the one that works best for them. But the demand is obvious. Organizations are constantly compelled to adopt new technologies that boost performance, increase procedural efficiency, and find new ways to engage with customers. A wide range of consulting firms and providers of sales technology solutions are currently breaking into the market with a selection of cutting edge and cohesive offerings.

Iorta Technology Solutions is one such company that specializes in digitalization and new age technology modernization. It offers digital solutions to businesses in the BFSI industry and has a long history of productive engagements and deliveries. Sales drive, a sales transformation tool, is the company's flag ship product. Iorta also provides a stack of solutions for operations and service modernization. Clients have confidence in the company's ability to deliver transformational projects, and the company is committed to revolutionizing the insurance industry. Its USP consists of a broad range of readily available components, domain expertise, customized and configurable solutions, a focus on customer metrics, and a result oriented mindset.
Iorta Technology Solutions' primary offerings consist of the following products: Sales drive, which is an end-to-end sales cycle management platform that dramatically accelerates sales in all significant distribution channels. Second, Wrap drive, which is a micro front ending master app that incorporates, displays, and enables the management entirely of an enterprise's apps in one platform, unifying the technology ecosystem of an enterprise. Thirdly, there is Claims Drive, which is a full-featured claims management system for insurers that lowers Turn around Times for various processes and enhances customer satisfaction. And lastly, Recondrive, which is a server less architecture based reconciliation management system that serves as a single source for reconciling all transactional data with the least amount of manual labor.

The company stays up to date on new capabilities due to its distinctive nine block innovation grid model that maps business and technology. The technology axis includes current, anticipated, and future technological designs, while the business axis includes current, anticipated, and future business scenarios. To stay one step ahead of the competition and open up new opportunities for its customers, the company is constantly looking for new capability combinations. Iorta Technology Solutions continues to adhere to its core values of engineering excellence, promoting customer success, striving for product innovation, and upholding leadership in terms of product capabilities. The company's assets are its people, who cultivate enduring bonds with partners, clients, and customers.

Since its beginning, it has not had an easy path but when tenacity and excellence are ingrained, success manifests itself as opportunities. Iorta quickly seized those chances and produced results with a focus on customer success. The business flourished, kudos to its values of persistence and perseverance, even during the difficult COVID-19 pandemic. Iorta Technology Solutions continues to be profitable and is growing consistently.

"Our long term plan calls for delivering customized solutions in a plug-and-play fashion, with end-to-end implementation finished in less than 90 days. We'll keep adding nearready components to our collection, thus incorporating more features. Additionally, our focus is to expand to new geographies and simplify complex structures, such as multi country, multi-company, multi currency,and multi language capabilities. To deliver a specialized digitalization experience, we also focus on overall digital enterprise architecture", concludes Easwar Murthy.