IoTBASE: Demystifying IoT Applications Utilizing Low - Power Geolocation Solutions

Hiromasa Takuwa,Founder & CEO

Hiromasa Takuwa, Founder & CEO

Harnessing technologies for solving social concerns is the future. Tokyo-based IoTBASE, a pioneer in IoT solutions is upping the game by providing integrated technology solutions that solve the complex-social-problems, from homelessness to people with disabilities, protecting valuable assets, safeguarding of kids, pets and alike. It combines the power of IoT x welfare service which delivers a personalized approach to mapping, managing and mitigating the social-conundrums, all under one roof.

A socio-tech entrepreneur, Hiromasa Takuwa, Founder & CEO, IoTBASE, throwing light on the same, speaks “Connecting technology is the way forward. To enable this, we need solutions that add value to the entire ecosystem, build trusted partnerships, and uninterrupted connectivity. Once these aspects are achieved, developing a solution becomes
trivial. We have accomplished that through Smartmap!”

"Growing 100 percent YoY, IoTBASE has had an organic growth since inception"

Smartmap:IoT xMap Serviceon the Go!
Founded in February 2015, the company has had a fascinating journey– the one that depicts the true spirit ofentrepreneurship and innovation. From collaborating with local Govt. bodies to partnering with clients who understand the potential of IoT based solution, and launching in-house products that depict the brand IoTBASE. Today, the company has developed a next-gen platform that is said to revolutionize the way people monitor, manage and search their valuable assets, in real-time anywhere, anytime.

“The whole agenda for us to develop such a unique platform was to provide a map service that utilizes LPWA (Low-Power Wide Area) methods, which is customer-friendly, low-price with guaranteed high performance. Most importantly, it can be customized as per the client’s requirements, thereby saving cost and time,” explains Hiromasa, strikingly.

Meaningful Collaborations that Creates Social-Impact
Growing 100 percent YoY, IoTBASE has had an organic growth since inception. It has generated revenue
from multiple avenues in the welfare, IT and HR domain. As far as the IoT solutions are concerned, in three years, it has provided more than 100,000+ license devices, and in the next five years, it anticipates to provide 1,000, 000 devices to its clients across Japan.

Leaving no stones unturned, the company takes great pride in its trusted collaboration with Govt. institutions and private owned companies, which includes Kansai Electric Power Company, Fukuoka City (Fukuoka Prefecture), FujiedaCity (Shizuoka Prefecture), Kimotsuki-cho (Kagoshima Prefecture), Fujikura Co., Ltd., QTNet (Kyushu Electric Power Group), and NTT West amongst others, where the company has provided technology solutions in smart-city projects, power generation (temperature control & monitoring), surveillance and security, utilizing LPWA sensors and AWS & Azure cloud-based approach.

Optimistic about the future of IoTBASE, Hiromasa concludes “Utilizing IoT technology to solve complex-social problems is quite a new concept, but it’s an approach that is slowly gaining momentum across the globe. We believe that our solutions will be a game changer in the emerging markets. We will remain ubiquitous in the IoT and technology landscape.”